Thursday, December 29, 2016

Time for a Lookie Loo (updated info)

It's been a few days since I've seen an update on my PC monitor and decide what needs to be reverse hooked.  I took two photos with different settings.  If you tap on either they will enlarge but the first photo is the one with more pixels.
Sadly I've not yet started hooking the trainer since there is more border and background to make it to the halfway mark.  Would like to save fun for the other half of the rug so will wait.

Checking the progress now as I had a concern with a few border blocks ~  those would be the yellow at the top, orange and blue to the right side near bottom.  Yet, looking on the PC it doesn't bother me so will continue.  HA, have still been known to rip out wool at the last minute.
Plans are to have red at all four corners to sort of anchor the design.

Rose of Three Sheep Studio wondered what my background wool was. For those of you who missed my post about that you can read about it HERE and see the wool used for the holding lines of border.  But for a quick view here is the background wool.

We are just a couple days away from a brand new year.  My goal BEFORE 2017 is to have my last two rugs bound and label attached. You all know how binding is NOT my favorite task but want to start the new year with NO rugs left to bind.  Thankfully I've only two to do.

So you guys and gals out there.... how's about gathering your unbound rugs and start now.  You could watch the ball come down New Year's eve and bind your rugs.  Would love it if you'd send me your finished pieces and I'd be happy to post them on my blog.



  1. You sure have a lot of pep for the year end. My pep is all gone. I'm afraid that I'll start the New Year feeling lazy and my rug will be left unbound.

    But good for you for having all that ambition.

  2. Good luck with the binding!!!
    Happy New Year :)

  3. I have one rug to bind but not even sure I like the rug anymore

  4. No rugs to bind here, but lots of stitching to be done on New Years Eve !
    I would love to see the wool you used for the background - do you have a whole piece you could show ?? Love the random flecks it gives when hooked.
    Happy New Year, Saundra.

  5. I have one rug that has needed binding for a year or two or three...a simple hit n miss that the cats have taken over...covered with cat fur and maybe a little cat yak...doubt it'll ever be's on their twin bed amongst the other snuggle comforts...

  6. The borders are looking great. Can't wait till you get to the trainer. I don't have a rug to bind, but I did have one to hang. DH helped me yesterday and I can check that off my list. Hoping to get back to some hooking in New Year.


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