Monday, December 12, 2016

Update of Lots of Stuff

First I must admit I'm totally sick of doctor appointments which have been eating up my time weekly for several weeks (months).  There's been the eye surgery with pre-op and post-op appointments (numerous for each eye).  Then the month of December is when my other health appointments are made for mammogram, cardiologist, blood test, yada yada.  

YES, all of that is very important and wouldn't miss any of them since it is important to my health.  SO, for those of you out there who are remiss in scheduling your doctor appointments, please do so to ensure your good health.  OKAY, that's out of the way ...

Now to give you an update (tease) on the design on my frame.  All of you readers/followers are challenged to guess what the design is. But must admit this choice of showing my rug is a bone I've picked with my friend Kim (Glass half full) ... YES, really, my on-line friend; hopefully one day we will meet.
This picture above might be the giveaway as to the design.  If not it will allow me more time to hook until my next doctor appointment which I think is Thursday.  You might notice that I did change the halter wool choice and I like it better.  

Best thing about the doctor visits is I've managed to do some binding on the Red Lion and today accomplished some on the Maggie Bonanomi design Out in the Garden.  

Have a good evening and hope you can stay warm.  Weather is going to change drastically here and I'm not looking forward to it.  If only my big strapping dog Ben could shovel snow.



  1. WOW! If you could teach Ben to shovel snow, you could hire him out and have more $$ for hooking :)
    Doctor appointments. UGH! I am getting tired of them and have another Friday. It's always something.
    Merry, merry :)

  2. Glad you are getting your check ups. Maybe I don't know this pattern?

  3. Love what i am seeing, that looks like it is going to be a beautiful rug.
    I hate doctors and am the opposite, going to them makes me sick, lol.
    I have to go once a month for my back, so he checks for anything I have a problem with anyways.


  4. nope. still not sure which one this is ~ glad to know you're keeping yourself in tip-top-hooking shape though ~ yay!

  5. Ugh I know I need to book some appointments. Now, the tweeking You must remember we are not pattern experts like "some" people. No idea what it is but I like it

  6. Loving ur horse, saundra!! Dr appts do take time ,,,, and all the others, too,,, funny you say , my mammogram this am! December is the month for me , too,, and weather not so good,,,, the trip to hospital is about half an hour,,, but my husband will drive , as he has errands to do!!!
    After you talked about barb carrolls workshops in previous posts,, I got my books out by barb to read over,,, love her patterns,,, so in the new year, going to hook one of them,,,, thanks for the inspiration, ,,, take care,,,,

  7. I don't know what the design is, but I do know I'm loving it thus far ! ;)

  8. Health is one very important thing to take care of. You are wise to get it all done in the same month. Much easier to remember when was the last time you saw the doctor. I hate Dr's appointments in the winter... It's always so cold in the examination rooms. For some examination you can feel the draft, lol.
    I'm glad you take time off from rug hooking to look after yourself.


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