Thursday, December 15, 2016

Third Time is a Charm...

...or at least that is what people say about marrying again.  Uh... I don't plan to go to that place for a third time.  However, I'm thinking tweaking for the third time might have been a good choice on my horse halter.  Here is the first attempt. Naturally I hadn't thought it thru and the gold compared to the background gave me shivers when seeing it on my blog.
So looked thru my worm baskets for something darker which may work. Below was number two choice and for a brief time was sorta happy with the change.
Finally today decided to pull out the halter wool and go with something looking more like leather which is a keeper.  As usual the color is showing up more bright and more gold.  In real time it is darker and looks like the light and dark of leather and how it wears.  
This blog post for you experienced hookers seems rather boring but you newbies need to know it is perfectly OKAY to pull out wool strips and use something else and try again.    

OMG, it is frigid outside thanks to my Canadian friends for sharing their wealth of the cold.



  1. Lol, tweeker! I think they all look good, but I do appreciate how much attention you pay to the your rugs. That's why they are all beautiful. Can't believe you haven't showed it all yet though!
    P.S. It's absolutely freezing tonight. Minus 30 or worse by tomorrow. Brrrrr

  2. I like it , saundra,,,, like them all,,,,but thats ok, if ur not happy,, not too much to pull out!!
    You are very welcome for the cold!! Yikes ,, been bad here in southern ontario,,,, snowed in yesterday,,, clean up today, and more snow tomorrow, and cold!! Winter is here!!

  3. I really like your choice but then I always do. We are at 10 below right now and that is not including the wind chill.

  4. I agree, like the third choice. and I love your new nickname from Kim ~ "Tweeker!" sounds like you should be a muppet ;)

  5. I guess you earned your nickname Tweeker... I like the third choice better. It does look more like leather. I always find that when I pull a strip and re-hook, the features always stands out better. I use that technique for Scripts.

    Don't blame us Canadians for the cold. It's Santa who is in stirring something up at the north pole. We're just south of it like your south of us, So there. Just put more clothes on. I'm wondering how those little birds can stand all that freezing cold.

  6. I reverse hook as little as possible!!! but your tweeking is always mahvelous!
    Merry, merry :)

  7. So darling of a horse.I love it. It's even cold in Crest. Hugs


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