Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Quilts I've Made

Several of my followers are quilters ~ who do what I consider the proper quilting.  While I've made some quilts and small quilted pieces, do not consider myself a quilter.  None of mine have had the free-arm machine or hand stitching.
The photo above was originally taken to show the Wee Folk hooked rug which I'd just placed over the bed.  The summer quilt, used as a bedspread, was designed with two rottweilers in the center and log cabin since we were building our home.  The quilt is still usable but has much wear since the dogs were allowed to sleep on the bed.  Rules in my house changed after than and Ben is NOT allowed to sleep on the bed.  
Above is another view of the center.  The worn out stitching said "HOME Palace of the Heart 1997" so it is quite an old well used quilt.

Below is another summer quilt spread also using larger homespun squares but with smaller sections stitched for the stars, homes, trees, etc.  This was as tedious as this woman would get, lol.  But again was not free arm machine stitched or hand stitched.  Just randomly stitched thru to the under side which was probably a king size sheet.  This is also a very worn and constantly being repaired since I'm not ready to toss it.
The heavy quilt below is a winter quilt and has been tied with buttons and thread. It's never been used but is in the room just in case.  As you can see there are very large squares and nothing much to brag about except for maybe the applique at the top.
Then quilts above were the extent of my large pieces.  However, if you've followed me long enough you have seen those monthly quilt squares to welcome in each month.  In October I believe that I posted Happy Haunting, which is a cute quilt applique for Halloween.
Above is one quite appropriate for me at the time since I was a dollmaker even before becoming an addicted rug hooker.

Below is a gift made for my mother several years ago.  You may need to tap the photo to see it properly.  It is to be wallpaper for the background, a table with table cloth and framed photos of family, cup of coffee, roses and candles.  

Mother's parents are in the large photo to the back right, my baby brother and her brother at a young age to the right.  Me and mother on the left in the back as well as jut to the right of that.  Mother's older brothers in front of us and her as a young woman in the grouping to the far left.
To those of you who stitch teeny tiny pieces to build a quilt, (and Jennie is one), you have my respect and kudos for such tedius work.  Rest assured that I'm not that person, lol.

Have a good evening everyone.



  1. I swear there's nothing you can't do!
    Hugs :)

  2. I tried quilting years ago not my thing but I love them. your's are wonderful.

  3. Your quilts are documentaries of your life. Very precious.

    Happy New Year.

  4. I love quilting and made two appliqué quilts and a crazy patch quilt but they take long to complete. Like you I hand quilt it too. Your quilts are beautiful and looks very homey.

  5. Enjoyed seeing your quilts and it is fun to be able to make both those and rugs to decorate our rooms with.


  6. I love quilts but never took the time to learn. My mother made quilts out of necessity, when I was little i would pick out material from scraps leftover from my dresses. My mother told stories of how quilting was a winter activity. There was never time from spring to fall due to planting and harvesting. You are one talented lady! Happy New Year!

  7. Oh how I love quilts! Yours are beautiful. I have a few of my grandmothers and I cherish them. I'd love to learn to quilt but scared of developing another addiction

  8. Don't sell yourself short!! Those quilts are used and loved and that is the most important thing of all. And your appliqué skills shine...some people run in fright from the A word!! One of my favorite and most used quilts is simple 10" squares of fabric....they don't have to have a gazillion pieces to be satisfying. Thanks for sharing.


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