Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A Blast from the Past ~ Embroidery

While looking at Lori's blog  a couple days ago, was enamoured with her stitchery and had memories of when that was a favorite pastime.  Of course that was before becoming addicted to rug hooking.  

So will show you some relics which were kept for sentimental reasons. Back in the day I used to make many of the clothes for our family.  I made swimsuits, snap crotch footie pj's for my son and even a wool 3 piece tailored suit which my husband Gary proudly wore to work with IBM.  FYI, now I don't even want to hem pants or sew on a button...I digress....

So back in my late hippy days (early '70s) I sewed and embroidered a shirt for Gary and me.  This is when the gauze cloth and bright flowers were in.  
Yeah, you're seeing double because there really are two there.  Gary's was on the left and had no embroidery at the bottom... he was a man ya know...so no fru fru there.  But wanted mine to have a little extra trim at the bottom.  Hey, laugh all you want but we really wore these things out in public.  

But hey, last spring and summer I saw gauze clothing back in the stores here in my little town so this style is back in; or was back in ~ fashion always seems to recycle

Since gauze was hot and in style made myself another blouse but this one wasn't my favorite as I didn't like the string gathered neck and wasn't into altering it.
Denim shirts and jeans jackets have been in style for eons so I embroidered an eagle head onto the back of Gary's jeans jacket.  My son was 13 at the time his dad passed and wouldn't fit into it decided to cut the eagle out and kept it.
My son recently looked at the eagle and knows when he has chosen the right item that I'll stitch it onto anything he wishes.  Or, perhaps he might choose to frame it, who knows.

Lori, thanks for guiding me thru memory lane by your nifty stitchery.



  1. Wow again, you're a very talented stitcher. Your work is so professional. Hard to believe you no longer sew, not even a button?

  2. Your embroidery work is beautiful, such talent!! You will be right in style when you wear your beautiful shirt, isn't it amazing how fashion all comes back around? Thanks for the walk down memory lane. Sewing my husband at the time, western style shirts, vests, and clothes for the little ones. I remember doing some kind of cross stitch on their clothes where you used a cloth you basted on, did the cross stitch, and then pulled out the guide threads. This summer I made a period style dress & apron to wear at our local historical park while demonstrating the wonderful art of rug hooking! First sewing of clothing I've done in a long time. Funny how over the years we've done all kinds of fabric art, textiles, and creative crafts, but now our love is rug hooking!!

  3. That is a blast from the past. So 70's. It's just hard to imagine a guy wearing that shirt, beautiful as it is.
    Once again, your talents simply amaze me. Making a 3 piece suit??? WOWZA.
    Hugs :)

  4. If working in college town means anything they are back. I love it! Not sure my husband would have worn it. and I still wear a jean jacket now and then,

  5. Hi Saundra,
    What CAN'T you do??? You are so talented and I really enjoyed seeing and hearing about your sewing creations!!! I used to make a lot of my own clothes but just don't enjoy it any more! Now all of my sewing is primitives!!! I do enjoy embroidering and need to get back to that as well!!! So many lovely handcrafts.......so little time!!!! lol
    Enjoy your week!
    Heart Hugs~

  6. Oh, how I remember those days, lol.
    It seems the styles come back, so worth keeping our old things, wish I had.


  7. I am impressed!! Beautiful work. I remember hand monogramming my husband's business shirts, but never anything this elaborate. I love those gauze shirts.

  8. I am thrilled to see your embroidery! just beautiful ~ as you know, I am addicted to any & all types of needlework and art ~ I have to create what's in my heart & mind at the moment, which is why I flit from one medium to the next ~ I love it ALL! So happy my posting brought back fond memories, thank you for sharing them with us all :)

  9. What a fun post ! Lori has inspired us with her talented stitching ! The Good Ol'Hippy Dippy Days !!!


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