Monday, January 16, 2017

More Antique Rug Eye Candy

So as to not bore you with yet another update on my rug with minimal progress, thought I'd give you a show.  I've been busy drawing out patterns but today time was spent cutting and serging 18 rug linens. So now those patterns need to be drawn.  Good thing is this will put pennies in my pocket to buy more wool and help paying for rug camps.
Above is what looks like a St. Bernard and was reportedly guessed to be late 19th or early 20th century.
The double chickens above also makes good use of the hit and miss background using 'what is available'.  Can't help to chuckle thinking of the old question..."why did the chicken cross the road?"  In this case it is to get to the chicken on the other side.
The Cat and Flowers above was said (on the auction site) to have been hooked around 1930.  It must have been hidden in a trunk for all those years for it still to have these bright colors.
Although faded, the two white horses tethered to a tree is a nice soft antique rug.  Below is a copy of the corner of the rug where you can see the true colors up close.
More soft colors is the kit and miss blocks with cat rug below.  A little eye candy for all of you, especially Kelley.
Okay chickadees, I have to save some eye candy for when I need to slide by so that is the show for tonight.  This will allow me to pull a few loops before resuming my pattern drawing duties tomorrow.

Today is a Martin Luther King holiday.  He truly was a peaceful leader who was lost too early.  Hope people of color who choose to riot, burn and shoot pollce officers will remember what Martin Luther King's message was about.

Have a great Monday evening everyone.  



  1. It's interesting to see how they made due with what they had and still make a remarkable piece of art.
    Thanks for the show.

  2. Like Julia, I love seeing the old styles and how they "made do". Hey, guess wha t I did today........checked out some quilting supplies. Oh nooooooo

  3. Love the hit and miss and scrappy use of what they had, I think it gives them more charm.


  4. Awesome mats! Love the variety of colors!! Thanks saundra,,,

  5. I need to do a better job of "making do"!
    Hugs :)


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