Wednesday, January 11, 2017

'Tis Vintage Rug Show Time

There are rug photos on my flash drive which have not been shared yet so figure it is time to show them.  Then maybe next time my blog will have more productivity on my current rug.......Or maybe not since there's an order for standing for 26 patterns which I need to get busy on.
Above is that lovely blotchy antique background.  Two birds, blooms and pot with the circa being 1900s.  
The heart mat above was a pattern request from Lisa, a regular reader) and noticed she has been busy hooking it in time for her Valentine's display at home. Cathy G of Orange Sink was kind enough to show Lisa's as well as the works of others who attended her hook-in.
More hearts above with ends pointed toward the center gives a look of a flower ~ yet they are hearts.
The girl riding a dog auctioned by Pook and Pook was given the date of 1870.
Cute circus elephant was to have been hooked in the early 20th century and original dimensions were 24 x 29.
This spaniel on a harlequin style rug is said to have been hooked in the late 19th or early 20th century.  No size or provenance was provided.
The two cats have been lovingly worn.  A great use of hit and miss as the hooker made a chain design around the cats to change an otherwise boring all hit and miss into her artistic challenge.
Two horses above have a berry design surrounding the top and sides, my very favorite blotchy sections denoting 'making do' and love the scalloped edge tho that isn't something I'd personally do unless it was a smallish table runner. 
Above are two horses in grass.  And this hooker definitely improvised with the light grass and wool, cotton or nylons in various colors. The bubblegum pink inside line certainly catches ones attention.

Okay folks, time for me to pull some loops and then tomorrow I've got to get serious about drawing out numerous rug patterns.    Thankfully the temperatures rose and last night's rain washed away almost all the snow.  YIPPEE, and even tho it was in the low 50's it felt like summer compared to the sub zero temperatures and wind of late.  So it feels like we're having a heatwave.



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