Thursday, January 26, 2017

Plans For My Day

Plans for the day are to sit and hook all day ~ only stopping to walk Ben or eat lunch.  So not many steps will be logged onto my fitbit today.  But twice this week I had over 12,000 steps days.
There is still lots of hooking to be done and more than be accomplished in one day.  As there aren't any pattern orders I will plant myself on the sofa and hook.
This rug is only 48" but it got to the point where the weight on one end was causing the frame to drop down and the rug was dragging on the floor.  Since is was so weighty on one end decided to pulled out my 16" Townsnend Orbiter.  I tend to forget I own one since it is in collapse position and standing in a closet.
Above is the clutter I am surrounded by; it is convenient and more efficient to have those bags of worms by my side but it is rather unsightly.  They have helped greatly in each and every block along the border and the clothing on the trainer himslf.  The clean space between the wool strips is where I will be today.

It is rainy and dreary here today and a wonderful hooking day.  



  1. looks like the perfect way to spend the day...just what my couch looks like when I hook too...

  2. That looks a lot like my couch, but the wool is not in bags just a big pile.
    I've never said I was just going to spend the day hooking. Good for you.
    12,000 steps! Not one day but two. Wow I'm impressed. I made 10,000 3 days this week and that's the most I've gotten in forever.
    Hook on!
    Hugs :)

  3. Hi Saundra,
    Sounds like THE PERFECT WAY to spend the day!!! Enjoy pulling those loops and taking those occasional breaks for eating and walking your boy Ben!! I'm sure you will accomplish a lot and feel great with your results!!
    Happy Hooking, my friend!
    Heart Hugs~

  4. I agree, its a perfect way to pass a dreary day. I always had a mountain of Ziploc bags beside me when I was hooking too.

  5. Same here, rain on and off, so a good day to work on projects.
    I have the townsend lap frame, way too heavy but I use it when I need a larger frame to finish off a punch needle.


  6. Love ur bags of cut wools! Good day to hook,,, we have colder weather now and snow squalls,, so hooking today here is good , too,,, take care,,,

  7. I have those big plastic bags, too....and they never seem to get smaller. Happy hooking!!!

  8. sounds like a plan to me! after orders are shipped, I will be doing the same...but I don't have any clean space to sit between my wool strips! ha!

  9. The day is half spent so you must have a good portion done by now. I just got back fro a funeral up home and another one today. If people don't stop dying, I won't get any hooking done.
    Have a great hooking weekend.


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