Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Robins are Here

The robins have been in my yard for at least a week now, scampering about, tilting their heads and listening or looking for worms.  The majority of the time they come up with a worm at the end of their beak. Finally since doing this blog post decided to investigate and satisfy my curiosity about the delightful Robin and how they catch their worms.  I won't tell you, but rather let you learn yourself by clicking HERE.  

A few years ago I participated in a swap which covered all 4 seasons.  A person could join for certain seasons or all and we signed up for each season when the group leader was taking names.  We also had different partners at each swap.  

Requirements were they were to be 8" square so that if all the participants wished to join their pieces together for a wall hanging or larger mat, they could do that.  We were to just turn the foundation back and tack it down, no binding necessary.   
The robin above is the one I hooked for my swap partner.  This swap was fun and did participate in the other 3 seasons as well.

Was a great day today, no snow and temps crept over the 50 degree mark.



  1. I'm jealous that you have robins in your yard already. Every year I wait for their return as a sign of Spring. We still have lots of snow. sigh.
    What a lovely little piece of rug art.
    Enjoy your robins.

  2. Lucky you, no robins in sight here. Your hooked robin is sweet.

  3. Haven't seen a robin yet, but did hear lots of birds while out shoveling.
    Sweet mat. I remember when you blogged about it.
    Hugs :)

  4. No robins here yet but your robin is a wonderful piece, I am sure she loved it.


  5. I love your Tobin!
    There were some out here today.

  6. Sweet robin, saundra,,,,, cant believe u have robins,, spring,,, we have too much snow for them to be back yet!! Take care,,,

  7. Morning, awwww, so sweet, love the Robin rug.Blessings Francine.

  8. Adorable little robin mat...lucky recipient.


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