Saturday, January 14, 2017

This and That (and Rug Update)

After three months I finally have prescription glasses and trying to get used to them.  Not sure if my frustration with them is because for 3 months I'd gotten used to readers and peaking above them for distance ~ or if the location of the close reader section of my bi-focal glasses aren't in the right position.  More on this at a later date I'm sure.

Anyway..... after working several hours drawing patterns today decided it was time to take a break and pull some loops on the Julia Eastman Stubbs antique adaptation.  

Yesterday after taking a photo of the rug decided the ground under the trainer was wrong.  Here is what it looked like yesterday.  See the light wool under foot?
So, pulled out some loops and rehooked that part.  Here is what it looks like now and much better to my eyes.
On another topic here is a recent purchase, was very inexpensive and something I never knew existed.  Since my hands are arthritic, have lost strenght and have pain, it is sometimes difficult to hand sew.
I'd like to thank Jennie of Over the Hill and Running for sharing this information on her blog.  I purchased this thru my local Walmart so paid no shipping and the cost was $3.58 in 'no sales tax Delaware'.  

FYI, It is called Needle Puller and if you tap on the photo to enlarge, you will see it says LoRani at top left and Dritz at bottom right.   I purchased the Medium/Large which would equate to a medium size for my finger and large for my thumb.  They fit fine and my fingers aren't dainty, lol. Can't wait to sew rug labels on now knowing it will be easier.

Have a great weekend.



  1. I have not seen this gadget. I have a little round piece of rubber the size of a quarter, that I bought at Walmart, to pull my needle when I am binding a rug with wool strips. Your rug is looking great!

  2. I know this will make you happy......I approve that tweak under the feet. Lol

  3. A new toy to look at. I love all sewing stuff so thanks for sharing. Your rug is coming along fabulously. And I hope your glasses work out.

  4. I saw those on Jennie's blog, too. May have to try them.
    Horse trainer ~ LOVE him!
    Happy Sunday ~ or whatever day of the week it is :)

  5. Such a little tweak to make you happy... Thanks for the info about the needle puller. It would come handy especially for hand quilters. I have arthritis in my hands too. A real curse.

  6. Definitely a good change, like the new look.
    I try finger items and then I can't sew, lol. I found some stick on leathers that are perfect to push the needle with pushing it through my finger;)


  7. Lately I have been enjoying gadgets too.It looks interesting.


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