Saturday, January 7, 2017

Winter Wonderland and Hooking

If I had person (husband) to do my shoveling and make things safe for my walking outside, it would be great.  But I keep hearing Gloria Gaynor's words of that part of a song..."Do you think I'd crumble  Did you think I'd lay down and die? Oh no not I, I will survive...

Here are a few pics taken before nightfall.  Kept sweeping with a broom when the snow was light and fresh, then it became shoveling as the inches built up.
Wanted Ben to have a clear walk from the back porch so tried to clear that, plus the pond cover needed to be continually kept clear so the cover didn't collapse.
Just now heard the news and Seaford had 8" of snow.  The wind is blowing so it will drift.  
The picture below is from the front porch where I shoveled and was soon filled in on the walkway where those foot steps are.  
At least the day was spent hooking...okay, brushing and shoveling snow too.  But here is my horse trainer all hooked.  Uh, why is it the dogs need to get into the action and want to lay on the rug mommy is hooking?  Ben was ready to plop down on my rug but mama protested.
Here is a shot of my handsome horse trainer.  I'm totally happy with him.
Would you believe his coat and pants were hooked from my left over strips?  Matter of fact the majority of the border blocks were hooked with left over wool strips. 

Hope you have a great evening and everyone is warm.  Tonight I'll work on background fill in.  The snow has stopped falling but the wind will take it wherever.



  1. No snow for us we are to far north for this southern storm. Love your trainer

  2. The trainer is should be pleased. We were supposed to get 2-3" of snow. Instead we got a tiny bit of ice. The grands were so disappointed. Me, not so much.

  3. It is rare to hear you are happy with your hooking . Yay

    We only got a few inches of snow and that was enough. But oh baby is it cold.

  4. That is what our yard is looking like, fills in as fast as we clean it. Got the winds too so too cold to bother now, tomorrow he can use he snowblower. Love how the rug is coming out and I enjoy using scraps for small areas and a bit of change, here and there.


  5. Hi Saundra,
    I'm glad you are surviving all that snow!!! So glad you got your trainer done, and that you had such great company! Was Ben just wanting to take a closer look?
    Stay warm and enjoy pulling more strips!!
    Heart Hugs~

  6. Your trainer looks great! I love a good snow/hooking day! Bitter cold in Ohio, great day to sit by the fire!

  7. Your mat looks good!! Real good! Nice snow! Glad we could share skme from ontario!! Yikes , we have alot here and more snow squalls today blowing off the lakes,,, good hooking weather,,,, or punching,,,, take care,,, saundra,,,

  8. That's a lot of snow! You can keep it :) We got maybe 2" but it is bitter cold and the wind is howling.
    LOVE your trainer!!!
    Hugs :)

  9. Your trainer looks very dignified. Winter and snow goes together like horse and trainer, lol, or is it horse and carriage....
    We got more snow over night too. I'm getting tired with all the snow storms lately. Nice backyard even with all the snow...
    A good day to stay in and hook to your heart content.

  10. Sounds like Ben just wanted to supervise your work, I love your trainer!
    We got about six inches or so, but frigid temps turned it to ice.
    I made it down the icy steps because the icy driveway was impossible, but almost fell at the base of the steps where the grass started. Thankfully, the pie I was carrying to a church bereavement dinner did not go flying.
    After I got out of the church dropping off the pie, I wa walking in the road when the choir director came around the corner unexpectedly, and my feet tried to fly out from under me again. I just gritted my teeth and froze, believe it or not I did not fall on the road slope.
    Never so glad to get back home, up the steps, I had to deal with the outdoor faucet cover I'd neglected to put on. I could not get it on by then, my hands were freezing. I found an old shoe lace on one of the empty flower pots, and rigged it on. It still would not stay, but I finally jammed the clay pot on it, and escaped into the house.
    Today, I have not budged out the door!
    A woman's work is never done!


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