Thursday, January 19, 2017

Rug Camp Insight

A loyal reader, Carolyn, had a great suggestion ~ to inform newbies on what to expect before choosing a rug camp and other questions.  This post is based on my personal experience and what I have observed from attending various camps and teachers.  

Here goes.......okay, you've saved up your money and want to attend a rug camp.  Maybe there is one close to you which would be convenient so no hotel is needed.  

There is a camp just one hour from my house but still prefer to stay at the hotel to enjoy the ambience and excitement with the other hookers. Plus, it gives me more hours to hook without having to cook, lol.

What about choosing a teacher?  Some rug camps offer up to 4 or so teacher options and the registration form usually gives their names and hooking strengths/training.   

In the beginning I didn't know any teachers so had no clue who to choose.  I asked the camp organizer who would be a good fit for me using wide cut and was new the camp experience.  I was told that the McGowan trained teachers could do all cuts.  

Well lucky me to have such a great and patient teacher in Mary Lou Bleakley.  She did my color planning and asked me what I was hoping to learn.  Told her I liked wide cut and wanted to learn shading.  This was the result of my very first camp with Mary Lou and it was hooked in #8.
The design is called Heritage, was a Primco design purchased from House of Price at the time.  The rug has been at my front door since binding it in 2003 so the green wool has faded somewhat.  Thank you Mary Lou, if you read my blog.

If you don't recognize anyone then Google the name to see if you can locate rugs they have hooked or additional information which may help you decide.  If you still don't find any information then ask the camp organizer a question..... "what does this teacher hook when at home?"   They may be trained in all cuts but if you are a primitive/wide cut person then lean toward that teacher who enjoys the same style.

Didn't realize how long this post would get and I haven't even touched the surface of other topics:  what rug to take, what equipment is needed, what teacher expects from the student,  what the student should expect from the teacher, camp etiquette/manners.  Tomorrow I'll discuss more about rug camps.  So if any of you have your own questions, please feel free to let me know.



  1. Beautiful rug! I love your colors too!

  2. Even though I'm not a newbie, I'm sure I will learn much from your insight/experiences.
    Hugs :)

  3. my first camp I was very new just a few months. we chose a McGowan camp near by but stay also. I don't remember the teacher's name but she was from California and she was not happy to see my friend and I doing wide cut and was not very helpful but that was 20 years ago and feelings have changed.(I hope)

  4. You mentioned color planning , do you take your wool that you think you will use or Are you expected to purchase wool at the camp. Also what about Hook Ins? I have never been to either?

  5. Great advice. And your rug is still a beauty.

  6. Congratulations on doing such a great job on your first wide cut shading job. It's beautiful.

    My question, what would be a reasonable cost to attend a rug camp for a weekend, not counting the travelling cost as distance would be a factor?
    I'm sure there are variations...

  7. Saundra, You are the go to person for advice in rug hooking. Now this seems like a good question. Have you ever had a teacher no names please that can create beautiful rugs but as far as teaching or class size you don't get as much out of it as you wanted too? Cheri


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