Thursday, February 23, 2017

Wool Used and Update on Magdalena's Goat

I was asked what wool was used in the goat's head.  Actually numerous different colors and values was pulled for the goat itself because I knew my worms would work well for the background.
Above the lightest colors were used in the muzzle of the goat.  The rest is what was or will be used in the remainder of the goat.  Some of the wool has been over dyed previously and have no idea what recipe. And in all honesty some of the over dyed wool was from terrible mistakes ~ so don't toss your mistakes as they are treasures for another project. Some wool was as is purchased from our favorite wool vendors Heavens to Betsy and The Wool Studio.

Wanna see what Magdalena's Goat looks like now?  I've a lot more to do.  Must admit that when working on the rug up close the colors look so darn pastel.  Yet, looking at the photos up close on my iPad they really are pinks and light blue, etc.  But me thinks me will give this a wash of walnut juice when it is all done.
Tomorrow will be a slim hooking day too.  If only I had a 'nanny', could afford to have servants for ..... housekeeping, cooking, yard work, maintenance on vehicle and house as well as appliance maintenance, that would be great.  I'd take care of my boy Ben and do my own laundry.  

Yeah, wouldn't that be the life??  Just dog companionship, smelling clean clothes and hooking all day.  SHEEH, now I know why I LOVE rug camps!!!!!!  For my friend (you know who you are Lauren, lol) the dimensions of this rug is 29 x 35.  

As mentioned earlier, I was asked if I'd sell patterns of this Magdalena Goat.  The answer was yes, but not until after I'd hooked mine so people could see how mine was hooked ~ especially since the antique is so hard to understand.  

Moreover, for my personal linen I did very detailed line drawing as you can see.  When selling the pattern it won't be as confusing as the one I'm hooking, it will be a more simplistic version.

Okay, back to my duties since the 'nanny' never showed up today.



  1. You sure have a way with wool. I have many of the wools you showed but my goat would not look so wonderful.
    My damn cleaning never shows up either :(

  2. Love seeing the wools you use, I do have most of those.
    I know how you feel, I want to work on a new pattern, but tomorrow is cleaning and laundry and cooking and babysitting and finding time to start my new punch;)


  3. Awesome, saundra!! Looking good, I have a husband that cooks, so lucky!! However , he does not clean much,,, but can do laundry,,, but I love doing laundry and hanging it out,, when weather good,,,,
    Have a great day!! Love that fun fun mat,,, hit and miss my favorite, ,,, but this is a planned one,,,,,

  4. Thanks for sharing the wools you are using in the goat. That helps us newbies a lot. This is a good sized rug. Don't work too hard around the house. The housekeeping will wait a day or two, heck you just have to do it again in a day or two anyway.

  5. Hi Saundra,
    Your rug looks great and I love all your squiggly lines, too!!
    I totally agree with Jacqueline!! I could clean every single day and the dust is still there tomorrow, so I try not to look too closely and just do it when I can! Boy, a housekeeper would be the BEST GIFT EVER!!!
    Hope you have a great weekend!!
    Heart Hugs~


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