Saturday, February 24, 2018

Binding an Oval or Round Mat

As mentioned in previous posts, there are various ways to bind a rug.  Actually have blogged about most all styles with visuals if you wanted to type you are looking for in the search engine top left side of the blog.  As there may be recent visitors or, hopefully subscribers, to my blog will show this one as it is in progress.

Newbies..... did you know cotton binding tape has a gathering thread along one edge?  Yup.  You can see the thread with a start of the pull.  Sometimes it takes a few minutes to find the right thread and if not successful try the other end along the same more rigid edge.
Below is a photo where you can see the curl of the gather around the curve.
......and around the other curve.
Another view below.
Tomorrow I'll show you the finished Spike both front and the bound edge of the back.



  1. Well I'll be darned, I didn't know that cotton binding had a gathering thread on one side. That makes perfect sense. I used all my cotton binding I had and could only find some polyester binding at the fabric store. I'll have to order some and also some linen backing. I'm almost out.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. Nice tutorial and photos to show your technique. When my brain short circuited, I forgot a lot of things I learned, so it is time to relearn the correct way of doing things;)


  3. Thank you for this one. I like it, and I think it will work for the small oval one I'm working on (still.). Like Julia, I had no idea that cotton binding had a gathering thread. How handy.

  4. Thanks, saundra,,,
    Will try that,,, have a bit of that tape left!! And have a curled mat to bind,,,, take care,,,


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