Thursday, February 15, 2018

Forrest Gump Weather

I call it that because in Delaware "ya never know what you're gonna get".  The last couple days have been very mild; today was in the mid to high 60's depending on whether you are near the beach or inland.  I'm an hour's drive inland so was warmer here.

Crocus and daffodils are popping up all over my yard among and under the leaves.   A small sampling of daffodils.
Below are some lavender crocus but there are many more spread throughout the yard.  
It is such fun to walk thru the yard and see these colorful jewels popping up despite being covered by a few leaves and changing weather.  Cutie pie yellow tops below.
More daffodils and a peek of a few moss covered bricks.
Tomorrow's weather is to be similar as today but then at least a 20 degree drop in temps with chance of rain and/or snow.  Saturday obviously not go great.  Just hope my daffodils and crocus don't suffer as a result.

I'm nearing the end of Spike and have already been cuddling with my next project.  But before the next one can be started I'll need to do a clean up from Spike.  Even with a small mat I always make a MESS.

OH!!!!!!!!  Have any of you ever been contacted to participate in The Nielsen Ratings?  If so, did you participate?  For the first time ever they contacted me and today started documenting what shows I watch on which TV.  I have one in the kitchen while cooking or cleaning up; a TV in the sewing room and one in the living room which is the one with the DVR.

Am sure I'll drive the person who documents this information crazy.  I recorded the Amazing Race last evening and watched it in 3 different segments today.  No way I can sit for two hours straight and watch a TV show.

Mild evening tonight and the box of surprise weather will be opened up tomorrow.  Have a great evening.



  1. I was contacted over 22 years ago to participate in the ratings. And yes I and my daughter did it.

    Love seeing your flowers coming up. Nothing here yet in No. Ohio.

  2. I just noticed my snowdrops today with buds on them. Woo hoo!!! Near 60* today and 25* colder tomorrow for the high. Welcome to Ohio!!!

  3. Wow, spring has sprung in your area. Here, it been like a nice spring day today and yesterday. We still have mountains of snow though. Nice to see that spring is coming around in your area.
    Enjoy those little blooming surprises.
    Hugs, Julia

  4. 3 TVs! We don't own a TV (& no Netflix etc.) And ooooohh for the little yellow flowers already. What bright spots among the grey/brown.

  5. So nice to see the ground we still have lots of snow and more coming this Sat.
    We have 4 tvs one we never watch it is in the spare bedroom but kitchen, living room, and bedroom. Nope never been asked.

  6. Love this forrest gump weather!
    We are not anywhere near you,,, wow,,, not spring yet,,,
    Colder today but ok,, no big storms this weekend,,,,
    Love ur pics,,,


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