Thursday, February 22, 2018

Misc. Chit Chat

A few days ago Lori of NotForgotten Farm inspired me to cut Forsythia limbs from my barren bushes and inspire sunlight to bring spring into the house.

In the space where my sweet boy Ben would sit is the encouragement of spring and sign of life.
After the last two days of 70 and 80 degree temperatures look what I found this afternoon..... Yup, a fully bloomed daffodil.  That poor thing will surely whither as the temps are getting colder before the slight warm up this weekend.  BUT IS evident spring is on its way.
Remember the Nielsen ratings question I asked about a few days ago?  I have NEVER been asked to participate until recently.  
Must admit it was fun to record but will be happy to put these diary's in the mail TOMORROW!!!!!!!



  1. Our weather is up and down, so looking forward to spring. I did one of those once, it was a pain, lol.


  2. We still have lots of snow on the ground and more this weekend so even if I could make my way to the bush it wouldn't bloom for weeks.
    Still nice to see your pictures though.

  3. Lovely touch of spring,,,,
    Crazy floods here,,, more rains,,, then colder and snows,,,,,
    Love forsythia, ,,, which I had one near by,,, better get one planted in the spring,,,
    Take care,,,,

  4. Enjoy your signs of spring. We have lots of snow on the ground too but spring will be here before we know it. Spring and floods seems to go together. I hope we won't get too much hot weather too soon.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. Hi Saundra,
    Such beautiful signs of spring and the perfect spot to celebrate sweet Ben!! Glad you have had some nice weather to carry you through the long cold months!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Heart Hugs~

  6. WOW! Can't believe you had a daffodil bloom. Thankfully unless there is a hard freeze, the daffs will survive.
    I should go cut some forsythia, too.
    Let's hear it for spring!!!


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