Thursday, February 1, 2018

New Month ~ New Hooking Project

The new project is a small antique adaptation so hooking should go  quickly....I hope.  That is unless I over think wool choices as in the past.

The original, below, measured 22 x 33.  Figuring my friend Evelyn might like it sent her a photo.  She suggested I do a pattern and said she wanted it to be small, around 14 x 20.  And so that is the size it became.
Below what I've accomplished so far. Spike's original collar has off center spikes in it.  But hooking the collar in #8 meant hooking in a straight line.   The spikes are hooked using a shiny silver yarn.   

Am attempting to make the rug look somewhat close to the antique. far as the wool colors ~ ain't gonna worry about it as I'm using what I have.
Oh, on another topic, remember how clean my hooking area in the living room was in yesterday's post?  Well I'm working on the cycle of creative chaos again....sigh.

Happy February 1st.



  1. That is a fun one to do and it is coming along beautifully. I think the only way to reproduce the original is the sit it in the sun and let it fade, lol. That is really what gives them that look, aged over the years.


  2. Sweet mat, saundra!!
    You have alot done already,,,, a hooking machine,,,,
    Love the collar!!

  3. another wonderful antique hook them so perfectly! just love the expression on his face...

  4. You are one fabulous hooking machine.

  5. You're definitely a hooking machine. You won't give that hook a rest. lol.
    You have magic fingers.

    A good thing that you took a picture of your tidy place just so you know what it looks like when you're not hooking. How many hours a day do you hook anyway, if you don't mind me asking?
    Hugs, Julia

  6. I love that little dog. My hooking area is always a mess I am not sure what happens I look and my chair is filled with wool worms all over it and the floor I think when I get up they throw themselves around.

  7. Spike is just loaded with personality. At only 14" x 20", you will probably be done in a day or two :)


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