Saturday, February 17, 2018

My Next Project

As if most of you didn't already guess, it will be another antique adaptation.  This time it is 1909 Horse.  There's a wee bit of a story or two about this pattern.

First it was a very lucky purchase at less than half the cost of the pattern from Emma Lou Lais' web site.  The pattern was among the bargain patterns offered at Cape May during the special Anniversary celebration.  So have pattern want to hook... right?  Now to find a photo of the original.  

HA!  The sleuth in me went on a full out internet search.  I checked Google, Pinterest, Woolley Fox web site, and lastly Barb Carroll's site.  Finally on one of Barb's pages I saw this photo of 1909 Horse in progress and a picture of Emma Lou with someone I didn't know.  The detective work wasn't done yet.  Still wanted to see a picture of the original antique. 
Next I contacted Deb Burcin who built Barb's weebly site and asked who was in the photo with Emma Lou.  She said her name was Nada Lind and kindly gave me her contact email address.   Nada was very accepting of my email, sent me a photo of her finished rug and stated there was a photo of the original in the Hooked Rugs book by Leslie Linsley.
For heavens sake!  That is just one of the many books in my library and didn't think to search thru any of them.  Voila!  Below is a photo of the original.
While there are 10 pattern line drawings in the book mentioned above 1909 Horse line drawing isn't in there; but the photo of the original is.

Thank you Nada for befriending me and giving me permission to post this photo of you and Emma Lou.  In a future post I will share Nada's finished rug.  She is even thinking about hooking this again along with me but has a couple camps coming up so not sure when she will join in or if she will even have time.

Sorry my post has been so long but it seemed like a good rug hooking story to share with others.  Happy hooking.



  1. Hi Saundra,
    You are quite the detective!! So happy you were able to solve the "mystery" of the rug and are going to be able to hook it!! It is just wonderful, as are all your rug choices, and know you will enjoy this new rug hooking adventure!! It is a beauty and I love those hearts!!
    Enjoy your weekend!
    Heart Hugs~

  2. I love a story with a happy ending. Looking forward to seeing your progress on this one.

  3. When I first started hooking there were so many of Emma Lou's rugs I wanted to hook but her patterns were impossible to get.

  4. Oh I love stories like that. In the photo of the original, what do you think the square with the line in it is - up on the right side? Those little quirks in old rugs (and old quilts) fascinate me.

  5. I am always finding new patterns that i actually have, lol. I think I need to whittle down my library. I think that will be beautiful and can't wait to see your color choices.


  6. What fun!!
    The story horse mat!! Love the story,,, saundra!
    Love the mat,,, looks big, too!
    Anything with hearts is great in my book,,,,
    That one book , I dont have,,, and have alot!!
    Thanks for sharing that story,,,,

  7. What a neat story! And I can't wait to see what you do with your horse. I have a funny story about that too! I love looking through Barb's website as well. I've seen that photo multiple times and, due to the cropping, never realized it was a picture of my hooking buddy, Nada! :-) She does beautiful work, just like you!!!! So glad that you shared. Can't wait to see your progress!

  8. I'm glad that your detective work bear fruit. I'm looking forward to seeing your version hooked.
    Hugs, Julia

  9. A great post, Saundra. And a great rug! Look forward to seeing your version. Lori

  10. Looking forward to following along with you.
    I really need to look through all my books. I have so many and I do have that one.


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