Saturday, February 10, 2018

Weekend Rug Show

Don't have a lot more to show you on Spike, binding isn't complete on Magdalena's Goat so will entertain you with rugs found on pinterest.  Saw some rugs which I hadn't noticed before and some which are familiar to me but never tire of seeing them more than once.

Flowers with Stems was said to be hooked around 1930 and measures 24 x 34.
The auction house called the design below "Ducks at Homestead" but to me they represent birds.  Size is 24 x 39 no other information.
A hit and miss center circle with corners hit and miss as well.  Great use of left over wool strips.
The folk art horse below I think I've seen before and perhaps even posted it at one time.  I see stars, 3 leaf clovers, leaves and delightful background.  No date given but size is 28 x 45.
The folk art rug below is new to  me and can be viewed on all four sides.  The design has rabbits, flags, stars, penny circles, and flowers.  No date or dimensions were given.
Three Red Chickens below I snapped from an old issue of Early American Life magazine.
Bird and Pot of Flowers below was said to be dated 1920 and from Pennsylvania.
I'm really attracted to the rug below which was called "Flying Horse".  It has a geometric top and bottom border.  It almost has a native American appeal to it.  Said to be hooked around 1880-1890.
It is just about time for me to start a pot of homemade Minestrone soup.  I'll go pull a few loops first to feel as tho I'm accomplishing a little something on the rug.

Happy Weekend.



  1. Great rugs, like how the ducks are larger on branches, in a naive way to show they are closer. The horse rug is a nice one to adapt too.


  2. Thanks for the rug show again Saundra. I'm so tired this evening, can you believe I even forgot your name. I had to look at the top of the comments that says, posted by Saundra. Good Lord, I need to get a life.

    Stay safe and well.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. Thanks for the rug show. I made Zuppa Toscana and chicken tortellini soups today. Some for me and some to give away.
    Enjoy your Sunday.

  4. Sounds great!
    Love soups,,, especially jn winter,,, yumm,,, and its cold here!!
    Thanks for show,,, always love to see the scrappy ones and all the fabulous old mats!!
    Take care,,,,

  5. So pretty !!!!A great weekend for soup is pouring here ...a mess !

  6. Thx for another great rug show. That rug in the middle with the flowers, rabbits, Stars, etc. makes my heart skip a beat.

  7. I always love your rug shows. And the soup sound wonderful


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