Monday, February 19, 2018

Have Been Busy

Let me clarify that.....haven't been busy pulling loops, but rather making new rug patterns for customers.  It is a Godsend since I selfishly want to attend a couple rug camps this year and wondered where I'd get that extra cash.  These sales will put a little buffer in my bank account and free me of guilt.  Thanks gals, you know who you are.

One pattern was an antique adaptation seen on my blog at one time.  It is a huge 37 X 51, her wishes.  I named it Flowers, Stars and Scallops.  Bet it will be a beauty and hope she shares a photo when it is finished.
She also purchased a Domestic Zoo.  She previously hooked it but wanted to hook it again.
And one which will get drawn tomorrow is this wonderful Magdalena Roosters rug.  OMG, another humongous rug but the gal also wanted it in the original size of 32 x 59.  
While I'd love to hook both those other rugs for sure mine will be smaller than the size ordered.

Now to go pull some loops before making my salad.  Will save drawing the roosters rug tomorrow morning over coffee.

Happy President's Day.



  1. Oh, that first rug is drop dead gorgeous!!!

  2. Oh that is wonderful! She got some amazing rugs!

  3. Love that first rug!!!! Can't wait to see her rendition. Have you hooked that one yet?

  4. I would love to do more large rugs, hate buying cheap store ones, but I know they would get wrecked. I had a chicken one I had designed in my kitchen, that is gone.


  5. Wow,,,, all wonderful mats,,,
    Would love to order one from you,, but have SO SO many patterns to do,,,, too many,,
    Am sorting out, stuff and offering stuff to new hookers in our group,,,,
    Thanking for sharing,,,,

  6. They are all nice rugs but my favorite one would definitely be the Domestic Zoo. I'm pulling hoops but not for long stretch at a time but at least, I'm working at it. Some rugs I can hardly pull myself away from it and others, I just hook at a crawl speed.
    Hugs, Julia

  7. Hi Saundra,
    I ADORE that first rug!!! Just BEAUTIFUL!!! The others are really wonderful too, but that first one is my favorite!!
    Hope you have a great week!
    Heart Hugs~


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