Thursday, September 6, 2018

Ageless Beauties

Yup, time to view some antique rugs.  Below is a flowered birds nest with two birds 25 x 39 on burlap.
A Horse with stars and diamonds said to be hooked 1890.
A chenille shirred rug which I'm sure many or all of you have seen somewhere before.
An olde gold rooster given the date of 1920.  Notice the little value difference  in the gray background.  
A Cats Paw design with hit an miss oval center from the Joseph and Linda Caputo collection ~ wool on burlap.
The rug below was described as a hooked and shirred Bulls Eye design from 19th century measuring 37 x 55.  
This Doves and scrolls rug appeals to me because of the neutral tones plus the blotchy background.  Have wanted to hook a neutral rug for a long time and would love to take a class with Jayne Hester.  
And last, is a Carousel Horse from New England.
And the back view to see the original colors.   Also notice the other front leg must have been patched to contain the loops from unraveling.  The rug measures 22 x 32.
Today is Primary Day in Delaware so I will do my civic duty and exercise my right to vote.  Many women before me had to fight for that right.

Still hot and humid here and my windows are steaming up already at 9:20 a.m.  And, by the way I only keep my A/C set at 75.  So you can imagine how humid the weather is.  Keep your powder dry, as the saying goes.



  1. Quite a difference this am ,,, at least here,, saundra!
    Like someone opened freezer door!!
    So muggy yesterday and so nice last nite to sleep,,,, we dont have ac and has been a hot summer here!!!!
    These mats are amazing,,,
    Thanks for posting them,,,
    Love the rooster one very much!

  2. Hi Saundra,
    Always love to see your rug shows!! So many old time beauties that have a story to tell!!! Thanks for sharing them!!
    Our temps are climbing back up again but thankfully our mornings are lower so that helps with our walks!! Once the sun comes up though, it heats up pretty quickly!! We need our AC all the time here or we would melt!!!
    Hope you have a great weekend!!
    Heart Hugs~


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