Saturday, September 22, 2018

Rugs By the Sea Week Two and Orb Sightings

First thing I noticed when arriving is the billboard with entertainers for our week.  Yippee!  Deb and I request a certain room which happens to be over the bar.  We looked forward to being entertained for a few evenings without having to venture out from our room.
In the past orbs seemed more prevalent when there is entertainment.  You know I search for orbs as they are supposed to be either spirits who have a connection to the Chalfonte or spirit guides who are with the living person.  

First stop was the 'dungeon' next to the bar.  For those who haven't been to Cape May we call the room that since lighting isn't as good on a cloudy day.   But we always take OTT lights or other lighting in the event our teacher has that room.

The only hookers left in the room that evening were Mary Lou Bleakley (my first teacher) and her daughter.  Didn't see any orbs but have seen them in that room previous years.  That spot on the floor doesn't appear to be an orb since it isn't round.
Another shot in the King Edward Bar.  Below you notice the woman with a strapped purse and a balding guy.  When the flash went off he turned around to look at me.  So they wouldn't wonder if the photo was of them, explained I was trying to capture orbs.   The husband told me of his experience of orbs in his departed mother's house.  He said there were not only orbs but a moving ghostly image on his movie camera.  His wife confirmed that; was a fun conversation and I felt validated.

Interesting also was Deb Burcin's experience with ghostly encounters which she shared with us.  You'll have to ask her about that. 
A snap at the band before the crowd arrived.
AHHHH, below is finally an orb which is unmistakable since it is so large.
A photo taken in our classroom during daylight below there are a couple orbs.  One is on the far right top of the wall and another on Bob's pink tee shirt.
I walked closer and took another photo.  The orb on the back wall has moved as has the orb on Bob's tee shirt.  However there is a small orb at the bottom left on the floor.  To your bottom right you can see the 'Sheep at the Beach' hooked mats; more on those in another post.
I found a few other photos with orbs but won't bore you with those.  I have photos of the rug show, results of the winners from the Sheep at the Beach as well as the throw down from rug camp projects.  So stick around.  If you'd like to have these blog posts sent to you as soon as they are posted, just put your email address in the spot on the right side of my blog which says "Follow by Email".

Tomorrow begins the third week of Rugs by the Sea.  This camp is so awesome that it started with just a one week camp.  Then popularity grew and it was made into two-weeks with different teachers each week.  Obviously traditional rug hooking AND the popularity of the organization of Rugs by the Sea it is now a 3 week camp.  

Happy hooking and enjoy the weekend.



  1. Fascinating that you "caught" so many orbs.

  2. The one in the bar is definitely interesting, especially since it covers the frame and the wall, a dot would not sit like that. The one in the room seems to be one over the other and when you moved, they moved, but they are still in line with each other so maybe spots on the camera? Sounds like you got a great room and had a wonderful time.



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