Saturday, September 8, 2018

Checking Off the List

Can finally cross binding Stars and Diamonds off the 'to do' list.  
Have even sewn on the label which has a photo of the original antique displayed on it.
This next finished task will probably make you chuckle.  Anyone who knows me and who has shared a table with me at meal time knows I'm a slob.  There must be a hole in the bottom of my lip because it never fails that a drop of salad dressing will miss my mouth and go directly on my top.  Usually it is a nice linen top ~ it wouldn't happen if I was wearing a jeans jacket.  

I know that I'm not the only one who suffers from this problem but it bothers me and decided to do something about it this year.  Someone recently gave me some cotton fabric which seemed perfect for the task.  Cotton with rug hooks on it and now it is in form of an adult bib.
I made an easy closure with a Velcro tab in the back.  Am sure I'll get lots of stares at Cape May but that's okay, my tops will remain cleaner this year.  And perhaps it will start a trend.  But some rug hookers wear aprons while hooking so they are already prepared.

Of course I'm assuming, planning and praying there will still be rug camp on September 16 thru 21 with the pending hurricanes brewing in the Atlantic and headed toward the east coast.  I would be taking that one-hour ferry ride from Lewes, DE to Cape May, NJ so am hoping for calm seas.  Oh, and the Victorian hotel where the classes are held is just 2 blocks from the beach.

Happy Saturday everyone.



  1. LOL !!!!I Love your bib !!! Just so cute ….everyone will want one at the hook-in !!!! Hope the hurricane doesn't cancel the hook-in , that would be awful . Your rug looks beautiful & your label is so nice with the antique one on it too , a nice idea !!!

  2. Awesome finish!!
    Great job with label , too,,
    Wow u r one organized girl!
    Hoping that storm isnt bad! Yikes,,,
    You will be looking forward to it
    Love that bib,,, have same problem!!!

  3. I can appreciate your dinner problem. I used to laugh at my husband, but now am as bad as he is, especially with salsa at the Mexican restaurant. Hope the weather holds so that you don’t miss rug camp!!

  4. great cover the fabric...I have the same problem with my lower lip! salsa and spaghetti sauce get me every time...the weather is sister is on the NC coast

  5. I love how your rug came out, that really has an antique look and the colors are perfect.
    That is funny, with my nerves and bad arm, I tend to drop things a lot, but I always wear old tops around the house so if you visit me, you will know why I look like a slob, lol.



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