Thursday, September 13, 2018

Test Run doing a blog Post

The following paragraph was typed on my new iPad to see if I could do a blog post from camp.  So.......

As I will be attending Cape May rug camp on Sunday thought I’d see if I am able to post a photo from my archived photo file.  Well so far I am unable to change fonts and text color.  Today when I searched Blogger apps for IOS there were two for $2.99 and one free.  One was 2 stars and the other was 1 star.  Comments on all said it didn’t work and couldn’t post photos.  So since I don’t ha e any app don’t think my results will be any better.

Okay, saved the above typed on my new iPad and then came to the PC to finish the post.  So, guess there is no need for me to stress over making a blog post from camp.  And if I do there won't be anything special about the post, no color, no photos and no minute-by-minute information about the fun I'm having.  

Have no fear tho, I'm not going to let you down today.  Here are a couple antique photos borrowed from Pinterest.  Described as a Pony with fall leaf border 19th century and measures 25 x 30. 
For Kelley, here is a hooked cat.  Unfortunately the entire rug could not be accessed nor any other information.  Sure would like to have seen the whole rug and know more information about it.
Yeah, another horse rug ~ neutral hit and miss background but what caught my attention is that bright red hip and on the cheek of the horse.  No other information available.
Brandt Point Lighthouse is a landmark in Nantucket.  The hooker got the shape of the lighthouse right but not the spelling of it.  The rug must have been well used as it has seen a lot of wear.
Below is a dog rug with a scroll border and probably hooked in memory of a beloved pet.  No other information was available.
A cow rug which a friend of mine likes measures 24 x 28.  Sorry but don't know the date it was hooked.
Am saddened by what I'm seeing happening in the Carolina's on the news.  I cannot imagine their devastation after Florence is finished.  Am praying for everyone in the path of that bitch storm to be safe.



  1. Enjoyed that rug show,,,
    Amazing mats,,,
    Crazy storm,,,
    My son inland from storm,, but not out if woods,,,,
    Sadly these are getting one after another,,,
    Thanks for sharing ,,,
    Hope u get to camp,,,

  2. I use an app called Blog Touch Pro. I use it from my iPhone to post all of my blog posts with pictures and links. It was a nominal cost for the convenience. Don’t know if it works for iPads or not, but it would be worth checking. Love the cow rug.

  3. Always fun to see antique rugs ! Happy to hear you can go to the Hook In . This hurricane is so scary …..Have Fun at Camp !!!!

  4. thanks for the antique cat...I'm going to be borrowing those NC sister and her husband did not evacuate...their power went out around 3 pm yesterday and I got a thumbs up text from her this morning...they want to conserve phone charge so I guess all I can do is think good thoughts...


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