Sunday, September 30, 2018

Cape May Throw Down

This was the second week of classes and the teachers were Lucille Festa (my teacher), Diane Stoffel, and Kelley Spellacy.  Sadly Cammie Bruce couldn't make it there to teach her class with the hurricane having hit her state of North Carolina and South Carolina.  We missed Cammie but she was in everyone's thoughts and prayers.

The throw-down....for you newbies and who haven't attended a rug camp yet, is held on the day before leaving camp and allowing the student to accomplish as much as possible on their rug.  It is a time to share their achievements and see what everyone else was working on.

The rug below is being hooked by my table partner Weslee Hursh and a pattern by Lucille.  Wes was using mostly hand torn.
The design below is called Gossips, I love how Lucille has guided her to hook the crow and flowers.
A lovely geometric design by Cammie Bruce.
My roomie Deb is hooking Tulip Cross, a design by Emma Lou Lais.  Everyone kept coming over to see how she was progressing and saying they either had that design or wanted to hook one too.
Tessie and Bessie is a design by Lucille.
Double Horses, an adaptation of a Magdalena design was being hooked by my table neighbor Virginia.  She accomplished a lot considering I was up and down often, disrupted her progress.  The hooking space was jammed since the run-over from Cammie's class was spread to the other 3 teachers.  Good job Virginia and sorry for my up and down.
The floral below has wonderful soft colors and framed nicely with the colors she chose.
You lovers of antique rugs will recognize the horse below.  
Mermaids, ship and whale....what better a reminder of your fun week at Cape May rug camp to hook.
Sweet bird with perfect loops ~ looks like it has already been steamed.
Nice soft design below.
Awww, Willie the Whale, a design by American Country Rugs (Lucille).
Love this Wool and Goods rug below for the colors and design.  Nice on my eyes.
A rug pattern often seen in primitive classes lately is one I also hooked ~ Primitive Horse and Birds.
Sue's Catch is the name of this design below.  If memory serves me think it was being hooked by Libby Lundgren.  Please let me know if I've gotten any names wrong.
The pattern below is interesting with its double border.
Below are two great Old Tattered Flags designs.

And look what I found on the lawn during my walk-about...a Magdalena design of Two Chickens.  My heart skipped a beat.  Magdalena hooked rugs in the 1800's so her designs are in Public Domain.
Almost forgot to post the Sheep in the Sunflowers.
As the front lawn of the Chalfonte is quite tight, I was not able to capture a photo of all the in-progress rugs.  But there sure was a lot of eye candy to behold



  1. So many wonderful rugs! What, pray tell,were you working on?

  2. Wow,,,
    These mats in progress, arecwonderful,,
    Would love to do them all,
    Thanks for sharing all ur pics from ur week away!!
    Cant wait to see what u were working on,,,

  3. Hi Saundra,
    It must be so hard to concentrate on what you are hooking when there is so much to look at!!! So many WONDERFUL RUGS!!!! Thank you for sharing them so we can be inspired by all the talent!!!
    Looking forward to seeing what YOU are working on, too!!
    Enjoy your week!
    Heart Hugs~

  4. Wow ...they are all so pretty !!! Love all the soft colors !!!

  5. Love all the rugs! I have never seen the Tulip Cross done in such soft colors and the Magdalena rug of the rooster I have never seen. Do you know where there is a pic of the original?

  6. that tulip cross is being hooking in unusual colors which I love.
    wonderful rugs.

  7. Hello, I have "the Gossips" rug! (The 2 crows) Purchased it about 25 yrs ago (hubby started it) and I finished it a couple yrs ago after he died. I've been looking for the designer's name. This came up in a Google search. Wondering if you can help?


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