Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Sweet Basil Pesto

In the spring I posted a photo of my sweet basil and it has been prolific giving me fresh spice to put in red sauce, salads, etc.  I just love rubbing my fingers on the leaves and smelling the aroma it provides.  Below is a photo of what the plants look like after having cut enough leaves to have 2 cups packed with sweet leaves.  
It was growing so well decided it was time to make some pesto for pasta.  It has been years since making any and it is something I enjoy.  The next two nights I enjoyed pesto pasta and wine for dinner and decided to freeze the remainder. 

So picked up some of these little cups with lids at Walmart, each holds 3 tablespoons of pesto which is what I used for those two delicious meals before.  So in the freezer they went awaiting the time I feel the urge for pesto pasta again.
If you have never made pesto you may enjoy it.  Naturally everything is better when it is picked fresh from a garden but sweet basil could be purchased at a really great grocery store in a bunch.  If you'd like to see how it is made and the ingredients click on PESTO.

Try and stay cool, the heat and humidity is off the charts here in Delaware.  At this rate it won't begin to cool down until November.



  1. Hi Saundra,
    Wish you had a "scratch and sniff" button!! LOVE that smell!!! Thanks for sharing and will definitely have to try that sometime!!! Fresh is ALWAYS BEST!! So sorry you are dealing with the high heat/humidity!!
    Take care and STAY COOL!!
    Heart Hugs~

  2. I love that scent too! Sweet Annie rivals it for me but it’s medicinal and for warding moths off of wool. I just harvested it

  3. exactly how I make my pesto How I love it I freeze it in ice cube trays then put them into a bag. I drop them in my red sauce for a change but plain on pasta yummm

  4. Yummy,, sounds great!
    Have to try that recipe,,
    Thanks for sharing,
    Hot and humid here too,,,
    Yikes,,, might cool down soon,,,,
    Take care,,,


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