Saturday, September 15, 2018

Getting Ready

The 'gathering' has begun and it is being collected in my office near the garage door.
Haven't packed my suitcase yet as I wanted to print out the 10-Day Weather Forecast  for Cape May to see what will be needed.  It looks to be a good week.  I almost feel guilty for being thankful Florence didn't come upwards along the east coast.  Poor folks and animals in North and South Carolina are being battered, some deaths, and will take a while for them to recover.

Okay, moving on to lighter topics.....

I weighed myself this morning before breakfast and am 125 pounds.  Always want to see how much weight I gain at camp and then upon coming home work at getting back to that weight again.  I do love the food there but choose to not eat the red meat or pork.  My favorites are fish (particularly the salmon) and chicken if it is baked ~ no fried chicken even tho I hear it is delicious.  Also yummy is their corn pudding and delicious homemade yogurt.  

In the photo above you can see 9 rugs rolled up, that is the number of rugs completed since last year's Cape May camp.  I'm not done with Lady the Donkey yet so she isn't among the rolled up rugs.  But will take her to work on until Lucille gets to me.

Last year at Cape May I started On the Loose with Cammie Bruce, a design by Bev Conway.
When it was finished I drew and hooked an adaptation of a dog who I named Spike.  I'm hoping my friend Evelyn will take hers as she started hooking it at Cape May last year.
Also hooked a smaller version of Magdalena's Goat.  The first larger one true to the original size was hooked similar to Magdalena's.  But the second smaller one thought I'd show folks a different color palate.
At Cape May last year I was lucky enough to purchase 1909 Horse pattern (by Emma Lou Lais) at a great price.  It seemed to hook fast since it takes no time to finish a block and before you realize it the whole rug is hooked.
At Ocean City, MD last November I started Primitive Horse which is a pattern by Lib Callaway that I'd had for some time. That pattern seems to be the rage now so decided to pull mine out and hook it.
In an April class with Eric Sandberg I hooked this Nola Heidbreder's Flower Power design. 
Next, itching to replicate an antique chose a design from the Kopp book which I named Radiant Flower.
With Cape May looming closer, was feeling the pressure to hook the "Sheep at the Beach".  It was a pattern so generously given to each student at last year's Cape May rug camp.  This is the design drawn on Monk's cloth, except there were no exterior lines.  I drew those to not exceed beyond that to ensure room for binding.
This what I designed.  It will be fun to see how others hooked their pieces and will take pictures of all of them to share with you.
And the last rug completed since last September is Stars and Diamonds antique adaptation.  I hooked the sheep in short spurts while concentrating on the adaptation.
Will have my iPad with me so I'm only an email away.  Not sure how successful I will be posting newly created blog posts while I'm gone but will try.



  1. Hi Saundra,
    I know you are relieved to be able to attend camp and not have to worry about the weather! My heart and prayers go out to those who are getting the brunt of the storm right now!
    Loved seeing all of your rugs again and excited for you to share them! Hope you have a wonderful time and enjoy each moment!
    Heart Hugs~

  2. Wow did hook a lot of beautiful rugs in a year !!!! Have a Great time & eat some yummy desserts !!!!

  3. You are a rug show all by yourself. Love seeing them. Hope you have a great time at camp.

  4. I enjoyed seeing your Primitive Horse Rug again as that is what I’m working on now. I hope you have safe travels to Cape May and know you will enjoy your class with Lucille! However, you’ll have a hard time having as much fun as the gals from Ohio just did at her studio! 😃😃. I’ll look forward to seeing your pictures from Camp!

  5. Wow,,,
    Your mats are just wonderful,,,
    Nice to see them again,,,
    You have hooked alot!!!
    Have a great time,,,
    Will be great to hear about it all,,,
    Hoping u have great weather, too,,,
    Take care,
    Thanks for sharing,,

  6. Love all of your rugs! Have a wonderful time at Cape May. Safe travels. Lori

  7. You’ve been a busy girl this year!!!

  8. wonderful wonderful rugs. You have will power for sure with the food.
    I did come back to one pound down! yea stayed away from the goodies in the room. have fun

  9. Wonderful rugs to take with you and I am glad the weather will be nice, while you are there.


  10. You do have a lot of rugs to share at camp. So happy they are not affected by the weather.
    Your Ben rug shown in the last post will be a great memory. I see my Ellie rug daily.
    Such willpower. Not me! I worry about it when I get home.
    Have fun and please share lots with us.


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