Sunday, November 11, 2018

Back to Ocean City Rug Camp

As mentioned in my brief post earlier, the class with Cindy Irwin was informative and fun.  When Cindy showed and explained what went into her designed and hooked "Dad's Rug", we were in awe.  Amazing how much we learn from our teachers ~ even those who become teachers learned from other teachers.

I could copy and paste all the wonderful story about this rug but instead, treat yourself to Cindy's WEB SITE where you can not only read about it but check out some of her offerings. 
First, here is a little of what we gals were doing.  A view across the room from my linen ~ on the left is Cathy and friend Betty Ann getting a head start.  Nothing on my linen yet.
In this photo from Nancy Jewett's side of the room is Patty, Cheri and Diane. 
Betty Ann (left) is busily hooking and Renia shopping.
Below is Cheri wearing her newly purchased coat weight cape which has a hooked and embellished collar.  Cindy overdyed the wool, beaded and hooked the collar.
Cindy brought a great collection of semi-precious beads to use on projects.  My gal-pal Deb would have a blast shopping here I'm sure.
Cindy demonstrating how to attach beads to a hooked purse.
This is the purse my table mate Ruth was hooking but with different colors.
This is the back of that purse.  Once the hooking and beading is done the hooked piece is then sent back to Cindy who has a leather craftsman make a purse complete with zipper opening and matching leather straps.  You can see it is a nice soft leather.   Ruth was able to complete hers before the last day of class so gave it to Cindy.  Ruth then did a couple other small projects in class.
Cindy also taught us a way to attached an all hooked purse where you do not see one iota of linen backing.  Her example was that hooked hobo bag on the right.  
Another very interesting lesson we were shown was how to hook a frame around a rug.  It is totally wonderful and up close resembles a wooden frame but requires a lot of work.  Cindy said it took as long for her to hook the frame as it did to hook the entire rug.  

Cindy also explained the sky effect, the thatched roof technique and wool used, flowers were a combination of velvet, and other textiles.  The roadway was interesting too as it was a piece of wool which looked like a cobblestone road.  That was stitched down and then to secure and hide the edge of wool she needle felted the green.
Some other works done by Cindy.  The adorable "Runaway Bunny" rug below is from the artwork of Lisa Arkus and hooked by Cindy.  
A turkey rug which I believe is also the artwork of Lisa Arkus and offered by Cindy in pattern form.
Cindy made this clutch purse below and I want to make one.  It is beaded and needle felted for extra pizzazz.  Wonder if I could make a strap for it???
More delightful purses by Cindy.  This first purple one has very sturdy leather as opposed to the soft supple leather of the green purse above.

In another post I'll show some of our in progress work and the small participation  of the impromptu rug show.

Contact Cindy on the link near the top of the post if you wish to purchase any of these patterns or wish to have a class with her.

Happy Hooking.



  1. WOW ...Cindy's work is just incredible !!! The details & those purses !!! Just amazing !!! Had to be so interesting seeing her things & learning so many tips !!! She takes rug hooking into a different level !

  2. love the purses I bet you could use an already made purse and apply the hooking to it.

  3. I've seen that schoolhouse rug in person. It is simply amazing.
    She is very talented!

  4. It looks like a wonderful class and great projects to learn something new and different, to use in rug hooking.


  5. What a fun class u had,,,
    Sounds and looks amazing,
    Love the purses,,,
    Alot of work,,,
    Will get on her website,,,, and take a look,,, and you always learn something,,
    Thanks for sharing,,,

  6. Would love to know how to put purse together without seeing the backin!


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