Monday, November 26, 2018

Heavens to Betsy!

Not only was that a comment my grandmother would say when something surprised her, but also a great company by that same name.  Today I received my order of two wool remnant bags  from Betsy and am beyond pleased.  

Always look forward to November when she and Eric offer these remnants as it is a great way to see and try different wool without having to buy a whole yard.  Plus you could almost color plan a whole rug with just one bag of that wool.
The wool has been washed and is in the dryer now.  You can see there is a variety of colors and textures which come in each bag.  I knew one bag wouldn't be enough so ordered two and am very glad because it gave me even more variety.  Just can't wait to try some of those which I've never ordered before.  

There was a very interesting purple texture which is wonderful.  I'm thinking it was Purple Rain (on Betsy's web site) except it looks much better in person than on her web site.  I thought of Barb Carroll immediately and bet she has some on her shelves.  

Am thinking tomorrow I'll be able to show you the Snowman project I've been working on.  At least the major part is done and now working on the small accessories.  Did the accessories part pique your interest?

Also am anxious to get back to the Star Geometric started at rug camp.

Happy Monday.



  1. I thought about ordering a bag, but resisted. I need to use some of the wool I have!

  2. Great way to add to the stash without buying yardage. I still have plenty and lots to dye, so another thing I need to do this year, keep the good ones and get rid of the scrap wools that are not good for hooking.


  3. Have heard about these bags,,, remember from last year!
    Have never ordered them, but sure is a great way to add, like u said!!
    Looks great!!
    Have sooo much woolens, and do use alot of yarns now, too,,, so not going thru it so fast!!! gotta hook faster!!
    Looking firward to ur snowman, too,,, aand the accessories! ,
    STARTING A SNOWMAN, TOO,,, its been snowy here overnite,,, so might be a good day to hook one,,, and not go too far!

  4. I just ordered a bag today along with a Bunny pattern !!!! In January I am having foot surgery & need to stay off it for 8 weeks , so I am busy loading up on busy work !!!! I hope I don't go to stir crazy !!!!

  5. that looks like a good amount of wool too.


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