Saturday, November 24, 2018

Finally Hanging and a Shock

Was contemplating what to post since my Snowman isn't done, haven't gone back to my Star Geometric from rug camp and binding of the Horses and Hearts rug isn't finished yet.  So decided to show a picture of this room where I finally hung a few more smalls.

Top left you will notice the recently hooked Donkey at the top and previous small horse pieces below.  Next right is the wonderful Kinderhook Basket which was color planned with Barb Carroll

To the right top of that is the small version of Magdalena's Goat with the antique adaptation Spike below.  I will talk about other side of the room in a second.

The two green birdhouses sitting on the dough-box came from Cape May and the little mat was hooked by Tonya Robey.   The hooked heart pillow and heart footstool were also purchased on eBay from Tonya.

That primitive Annie doll stuffed with rags is one I made and wearing a pair of my son's shoes from his youth.  Annie is sitting in an antique doll highchair.  The antique school desk I've had as long as the dough-box and it moved a few times between Delaware, Maryland, to California and back again.
 Starting on the left side top rug is Harvey's Magdalena, next an antique ceiling tile, which looks out of place and hooked antique adaptation Chum.  Both the antique tin and Chum need to be replaced with other rugs.  That is an antique grape wine press which has fake grapes in it and also has several thousand miles of travel in its history.

Now for the shock to me.  When I downloaded the photos I saw that orb on the chair which my boy Ben would curl up in.  Immediately upon seeing it I burst into tears.
Here is one of many old photos of Ben, he is laying in that chair.  He sure didn't look comfortable to me but he would come to the room and lay in the chair often when I was on the computer.
Yes, that orb brought me to tears but believe it is an indication his spirit is with me.



  1. Ohh Saundra ...that orb made me cry for your special boy, Ben !!!! We lost a dear 14 year old pup a few months ago & were so heart broken , we got a puppy . He is 6 months old & has helped us heal , but I had forgotten how much work a puppy was !!! He keeps me very busy !!! Love visiting your home , looks beautiful with all your wonderful rugs & treasures !!! Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving !!!!

  2. what a wonderful arrangement of your rugs and so nice to see them together.
    the orb does give me chills I am sure if there is such a thing he is there.
    I had something odd happen today but I will let it go for now.

  3. Wow that is amazing Saundra about the orb. I loved your rugs! Hugs cheri

  4. Love how your rugs look on the wall, how do you hang yours?
    That is really cool to see that orb in his chair, sad but also wonderful that he is with you in spirit.


  5. Ohhhh,,, thats something, saundra!
    I would have cried , too,,,
    We know how our sweet pets feel,,,, and how we feel!
    Your mats look awesome in a grouping like that,,,,
    I have a few on wall,,, and smalls in my hooking room,
    Its turned to rain from snow,,,, yuc,,, dont like the slippery roads,,, wwe live in country, so our backroads are not nice,,,,
    Anyway ,, not going far today,
    Have a good sunday,,,,

  6. Loved seeing your room and love the doll with your son's shoes!
    I am glad Ben is with you in spirit. They do leave paw prints on our hearts.


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