Thursday, November 29, 2018


Reason I named it Welcome Snowman is because I DO NOT welcome snow but thought this design by Kelley Belfast was too cute to pass up.  As mentioned in my previous post, the snowman image was in Kelley's Merrie Wynter booklet and Rebecca Lindquist used the image with accessories in form of a stocking.  I wrote to Rebecca asking permission to use her idea and she graciously gave it ~ Thanks Rebecca!

Was determined to get this project hooked and assembled before December 5 (my birthday), tenacity won out and finished it just now.  Must admit the assembly needs a little tweaking but was trying to 'beat the clock' and at least all parts are done and hanging.  OH... do any of you remember the old TV game show "Beat the Clock"?  Hmm, maybe not,😄 since I'm older than dirt.

Decided to enjoy the snowman stocking on the pantry door rather than front door.  So will put a big Primitive Angel made a few years ago on the front door instead.  The angel didn't sell at my last show and has been hanging dormant in the storage room so will put it to good use this holiday.
Good grief, tomorrow is the last day of November and my life is flying by too fast.  As kids we all couldn't wait until school was out, our birthday or for Christmas.  At that time it seemed like an eternity until the next exciting event.  

Then becomes a 'now' all too soon, so breathe and do what you enjoy and makes your day happy.



  1. you are so right about time my mother use to say "don't wish your life away it goes to fast"
    love your stocking! and happy early birthday

  2. Oh my goodness. What a fun finish!
    Hey, you are ahead by a week. You amaze me how quickly you finish things. I have hooker envy.
    Time is flying by at lightening speed. It really is kind of scary, but as long as we have our health, we are blessed.

  3. So so cute. Great finish with all the little add on's. I hope you celebrate your birthday the whole month of December.

  4. Its wonderful, saundra!
    What fun,,, love it,,,
    You can enjoy it better on a inside door,,,
    And can use it all winter!
    Thats why I love snowmen,,,,
    Cant believe uts almost dec either,,,,
    Have a great weekend,,,
    Thanks for sharing,,,,

  5. The days fly by way too fast !!!! Just Love this design !!!!

  6. I love your piece and how it is made into a stocking with the added pieces, really different and fun.



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