Friday, November 16, 2018

New OLD Rugs the Naked Truth

How's about an antique rug show?  This time I'll show the nitty gritty of some ~ there may not be many on this post as I've not too much time to do this post.  So here goes.....

Below is 2 Blue Roosters from Tomlinson Antiques, the rug measures 29 x 54 and no date given.
But, when you check out the corner of the hooked rug you can see the cotton homespun and various other textiles used to hook this design indicate it is OLD.
A hit and miss folk art red horse with hit and miss circles measures 33 x 38.  From Old Hope antiques no date was given.  I like this but cannot add yet another horse rug to my list of 'to do'.
Here is a close up of the horse.
This Folky Chicken hooked rug reaped a whopping $3,500 at the sale by 1stdibs.
A Hunter shooting a Deer by Cecile Perrault; this is the front.  And some have asked what the real colors were of old rugs ~ not all the time are the backs shown as most are often covered.  
This is what the true colors of the front looked like before fading.  What a difference!
Speaking of covering the backs of rugs..... here is named Flowering Tree early 20th century which measures 37 x 55.
This is the back and you cannot see the real colors as it is covered by an old American flag which you can see by the faded red and white stripes.
Okay kids, things to do ~ hope you enjoyed a different kind of old rug show.



  1. the hunter rug makes me laugh the look on that deer's face.

  2. Fun seeing how they look on the back, as well. I love the look of old homespuns and mixed fibers.


  3. Love the roosters one,, and the horse,,,
    They are wonderful,,,
    Take care,,,
    Snowy here again,, wwinter is here!
    Have a good weekend,,,, hope u get time to hook,,,,

  4. The fading on the hunter rug is incredible.

  5. Hi Saundra,
    I always love your rug shows and thanks again so much for sharing this latest group!
    The fading of the hunter rug is really amazing!!! It really does look like 2 different rugs!!!! I'm so behind on blog reading and finally got caught up with you! Looks like you had a WONDERFUL TIME at rug camp and love seeing what everyone was working on!! Of course I LOVE your rug and can't wait to see your progress! Also, your horses rug is GORGEOUS!!! I know you have to be so pleased with it!! Your tribute to your sweet boy Ben was so touching and I still think about him and know you must still miss him, which is to be totally expected!!
    Hope you and yours have a Wonderful and Blessed Thanksgiving!!
    Heart Hugs~

  6. Loved the rug show ! I wonder why they covered the backs of their rugs with fabric....a few years ago someone was doing that with the new hooked rugs, I thought it would make them slide on the floor . The old flag looks neat though !
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving !!!!

  7. fabulous rug seeing the close ups and the backs...really taken with those hit n miss circles...


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