Tuesday, November 13, 2018

More from Ocean City Rug Camp

The November camp has 3 teachers with around 10 - 12 in each class.  Most all of them have been hooking for a while, yet there is very little participation for the show ~ I've even thought 'why bother taking mine?'   

I took all the rugs which were hooked since last November so had about 8 rugs to show, won't bore you with them again since you've seen them over and over during the year.  Here are a few of the pieces which were brought and I have no idea who hooked what.
 The rug below has a pair of doll glasses on the woman's face which added something special to the rug.

 Love how the person hooked the background of the bunny rug.
Hit and miss circles and squares was interesting and good use of worms.
The party cat below was cute.
There were a couple pieces in frames but when I went back to get a photo of them they had been removed.

Here are a few of the in-progress projects some of us were working on in class.  Betty Ann was hooking this very handsome goat.
Cathy accomplished a lot on her Harvest Time rug.
Tho the narrow cut piece being hooked by Betty is not something I'd hook but had a great appreciation for it was a beautiful piece of work.  The cherry blossoms were proddy and looked real.  The Pearl McGowan design underwent a little reworking with the help of Cindy so that Betty could have a good vision on where to hook.
Oysters and More was another project in our class and forget who was hooking it.
Sadly I didn't get a photo of Diane's beautiful owl, Reina's Tiger or Ruth's finished purse.  If any of them are following my blog perhaps they will send me a photo so I can add it to the blog.  

Here is my Star Geometric which is an antique adaptation.  The dimensions are 29 x 32.  Haven't worked on it since being home as I'm trying to finish hooking Horses and Hearts rug first.
There wasn't a group 'throw down' as normally happens, but made sure to get a photo of Cheri Reid's rug which was being hooked in another class.  Cheri is hooking a life size rug of Marilyn Monroe in the gown she wore singing "happy birthday" to President Kennedy.

This is the photo being used as her guide.
 And this is what Cheri has accomplished so far.  I'm really looking forward to seeing it finished at Cape May rug camp next September.
Happy hooking.



  1. Wow !!!! Some amazing hooking !!!! Always fun to see other's work ...thanks for sharing !!!

  2. wow you have to love Marilyn Monroe to hook that! the oysters were being done on our trip to star Island.

  3. Wonderful rugs and love the americana sheep piece, really creative. Love what you have done so far, nice shading in the star section.


  4. And what does one do with a life size MM rug?
    Love the rug with the glasses.
    You are off to a great start. I'm sure you will be working on it again soon.

  5. Many great mats!
    Loving yrs,,,
    Fun to see so many different styles ,,,,
    Thanks for sharing,,,,


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