Monday, November 5, 2018


Okay, must admit this post was started at home before leaving.  Wanted to be sure to do a blog post during my absence.   Now to see if I can add the view this morning from the unruly surf fog.
Wow, I sorta think the new photo this morning and what I typed last week might make a complete blog post.  If this does work maybe more will come later.

Here is the wool I've gathered for the camp project, first a photo with flash.
Then a photo without a flash ~ true colors are somewhere between.
And, in case you forgot what I'll be working on, here it is.  I drew it and the dimensions are 29 x 33.  Already have a spot on the floor in mind when finished.
Am looking forward to watching the linen develop into some semblance of this design.



  1. I'm impressed you got a blog post done on the iPad. One of these days maybe I will figure it out, too. Then again, maybe not 😂😂😂

  2. Great wool choices, can't wait to see how it comes out.


  3. That mat will be so fun, saundra!
    Have a great time,,
    Look forward to seeing and hearing about ur time away!
    Take care,,,

  4. wonderful rug and I like your color choices if I hooked as fast as you do maybe I would be able to get to some of rugs I want to hook.

  5. The view is gorgeous. Can’t wait to see that wool become the rug you have in mind!

  6. just learned how to post on my iPda to blogger myself ~ you did good ;)

  7. Ohhhh ...Love your pretty wool for your new rug !!! Will be beautiful !!!!


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