Monday, January 28, 2019

Love Hooking ~ Hate Binding

It has been a couple weeks since the last loop was pulled on Star Geometric.  It has been steamed, foundation secured, trimmed and ready for the final stage.
Binding a rug isn't hard to do but it takes time away from hooking another rug.  

I've done several types of binding and have posted several ways on my blog previously.  Sometimes (most times) I don't want a whipped edge as the additional row of color isn't always what is wanted.  Plus, I've whipped the edges with wool before and it doesn't take long for the wool yarn to separate and show the foundation.

Gritting my teeth I've started to bind the rug.  UH, taking away from my hooking time !#*?!  

This is how I'm binding Star rug.  Am using wool yarn but won't be whipped where that edge provides a part of the border and shows at the top.  But rather whipping which will be at the bottom to provide strength and support at the edge.

Notice I've placed the rug binding about 1/4" inside from the edge and did a running stitch to secure the binding tape to the rug's foundation.    With wool yarn I whip by placing the needle under the row of hooking and upward into the cotton binding.  

Was using single wool strands but now see I should have used double strands.  So that will change when getting back to this undesirable task, 😀
This is what it looks like from the top view.  No extra border and no wool yarn showing at the top.
On another thought and wool in my stash....that ugly pinkish/red wool is still driving me crazy and need to do an over dye.  But that will be in my future as I've an appointment tomorrow and need to get back to the Magdalena rug.   OH, will be making a pot of vegetable soup tomorrow also ~ so guess my tomorrow is full.

Weather is going to get crazy here soon, coming from you mid-west folks have it rough right now.  

Happy Monday.



  1. We are in for 6 to 10 inches of snow and cold I just wish I could stay home but I have to work. Love that rug I hate the binding too.

  2. Have never done that style of finishing!
    But looks great!
    Know what u mean,,, about finishing,,, grrrr,,,
    I have a big scrappy mat ,,, finished almost 6 months ago,,, whipped it,,, and only need binding on back,,,, still not done!!
    Will try for February, ,,, and other projects on the go,,,,
    And got into knitting for xmas and still knitting socks,,,,
    And crochetjng a lap blanket,,,
    Hooking on a variety of projects,,,
    And want to finish 2 punch needle embroidery!
    We have had a big storm here,,, still going on,,,
    Lots of drifts,, out there,,, big one in front if back door to get out, ,,,
    Never thought if all this stuff when my husband could do it all,,, I was spoiled,,, now on crutches ,,, he cant do anything!
    Better make soup , too,,,
    We have power , so am very happy,,,,
    Stay safe there, saundra!!

  3. I like how you are finishing this …...will you put this on the floor too ? Hope you don't get too much snow …..the bitter cold will keep you inside so you can pull loops though !!!!

  4. So the yarn does not show from the front? If it doesn't, what is the point of the yarn? I don't think I've ever seen a rug bound that way. Sorry. I am just confused.

  5. beautiful designs. love it.
    have a great day


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