Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Let's Have a Rug Show!

Thought I'd start off with something for Kelley.  A cat rug with stars and scallop border.  Said to be from late 19th century hooked using wool and cotton.  At a later date I learned this is not an antique but a design by Kathy Morton.
Not wanting to show favoritism, here is a dog hooked in the 19th century.  Measuring 28 x 39 it comes from Sturbridge MA.
Colonial houses with well in foreground.
Colorful birds from Ephrata, PA measures 27 x 44 and said to have been hooked between 1850 - 1900.
A hooked dog rug with a faux 'hooked' braided inside border.  Thout that was very interesting and very well done.  Tap on the photo to get a better view.
Berries in corners and center with hit and miss background 19th century.
Of course I have to show some horses after showing a cat, dogs, birds, etc.  Late 19th century 23 x 40 from Pennsylvania.
Found this on Pinterest and can't believe it is in such wonderful shape.  Must have been museum stored for centuries.  It is a 12th century Girona tapestry  depicting the month of April.  Would make a nice hooked rug and conversation piece.
All that is missing is a truly primitive and naive hooked pot of flowers with small houses.  
Good evening to you all.



  1. the dog/horse rug is funny the head of that dog looks like a horse.
    I love the house with the well it looks like the rope for the well bucket is not hooked to anything but oh I am with you a faux braiding love that!

  2. I love old rugs! Beautiful specimens. Janice

  3. Wonderful rugs, you always find the best. I do like the last one, have never seen that one or the plow one.


  4. Love them!
    The cat,,, the horse,,, and the house ,,, my favs!
    So awesome to see the old mats,,,,
    Like the flowers with the houses too,,,
    Thanks for sharing,,,

  5. So many cool rugs that I cannot choose a favorite!

  6. Beautiful rugs !!!Love the last one !!

  7. I do love that hit or miss! Thanks for sharing.


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