Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Star Geometric

Thank goodness the rug is all hooked.  It isn't steamed yet and won't be until later as I'm anxious to start my next rug project.   This rug measures 29 x 32 and hooked mostly in #8.5 but used various other cuts from my worm bags.   A lot of the wool has been over dyed with either my Olde Patina dye recipe or with black walnuts to give it an aged look.  The flash is giving the rug a rather washed out look.
 Here is a photo without a flash.....
..and now the original antique rug.
Before I can start hooking my next rug there needs to be a major clean-up in the wool room.  Again I'll use a lot of my wool worms but the two main motifs will require some cutting of wool so the table needs to be cleaned off.

As much as I hate cleaning there is no better motivation for me than starting a new project.



  1. You sure crank out the big rugs quickly!

  2. I do love your rug and you did such a beautiful job on matching the original.


  3. Its gorgeous , saundra!
    Wow , big again,, at least, fir me,,,, I do small things,,, but once and awhile I do a "big" one,,,,
    Love the colors,,,
    Congratulations, ,,, nice to be done and start a new one,,,

  4. ‘‘Tis a work of art. I’m enjoying seeing this come together!
    Kimm Moore

  5. Great rug!! I so admire your self discipline. Not only finishing this rug before starting another, but even cleaning in between. I really need to take lessons.

  6. Hi Saundra,
    Another beautiful rug to add to your list!!! I just LOVE all the red in this one! We all need some "sugar" to give us motivation to clean!! Looking forward to your next project!!!
    Enjoy your weekend!
    Heart Hugs~

  7. Saundra, I love this antique rug and your version is just as wonderful! You always do a beautiful job getting the same look in your reproductions. Thanks for sharing! Lori


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