Friday, January 11, 2019

Plans, Time and Priorities Updated

'Plans' for today's blog post was going to be about doing onion skin dying.    When going to the grocery store I'd gather loose onion skins from the bin and put them in baggies plus save my own when using onions in recipes.  
But with other more pressing 'priorities' that plan went by the way side.   Am trying to downsize to rid items from my sewing room related to crafts I no longer do.  

Today was busy taking photos of various items to list on eBay tomorrow...such as more flour/seed feed sacks and quilt books.  There were some listed last week which are closing tomorrow.
While checking my book shelves for more Quilt Patterns I found this CHERI  SAFFIOTE hard back quilt book.  HERE is the link to the listing on eBay.
Instead of taking photos to list on eBay, what I'd really like to do is get busy hooking my new rug project.  But tomorrow a few eBay listings end which will need to be packaged for shipping.  Now I need to list those new items which also takes 'time'.

This Little Quilts pattern book is also listed on eBay.
When making primitive dolls I aspired to make small quilts for dolls, decoration, etc.  In retrospect think that would have been a much wiser choice than starting a huge STAR QUILT which still isn't finished after all these years.

That "S" word is coming my way and I'm not happy about that.  Yes, it is beautiful but requires more 'time' from me to shovel and keep steps clean so I don't slip.

Gonna go pull a few loops on my new project and who knows when that onion skin dyeing will eventually get done.

Hope everyone is warm and tucked in.



  1. Hi Saundra,
    Was just about to close my computer and saw your post!! I have been collecting onion skins for some time now and am really looking forward to your post about using them! I would really love to try it, so please share as much detail as you can, when other things don't demand your time and attention!! Hope you don't get as much S as they are predicting, too, so you don't have to shovel it!!
    Hope you have some good sales and enjoy pulling some loops!
    Heart Hugs~

  2. I haven’t done onion skin dyeing but will be interested in seeing how you go about it. I did collect some onion skins but never got around to trying it. I had to shovel and blow snow for four days in a row. I’m glad to have a little break to do fun things! Lori

  3. I used onion skins once, a pain to gather enough, but it is fun to do.
    I hope you do well on your listings, hard to sell books, I have a ton to get rid of and doubt I will get much, so might just yard sale them and just do out of print and antique ones.


  4. Hope u have not got s!
    We sure do,,,
    And have to shovel ,, as hubby cant with fractured ankle,,,,
    Also have the bad cough, cold going around,,, oh yuccy,,, not liking it at all,,,
    Have done onion skin dyeing ,,, and fun,,,, used to do alot of natural dyeing,,,
    Have so much now,, dont need to do anymore,,,
    Lots to get rid of ,,,, yikes,,, takes time,, good luck,,,

  5. I have been saying the S word all week! we are cold 1 degree but the wind stopped.
    At least you are getting your things out of your house and into other hands with a little money for your pocket. I have done onion skin dying it takes a lot of skins to make some color.

  6. I've done onion skin dyeing twice; it worked much better in a couple separate cheese cloth sacks. The peachy wool outcome was superb. Hope the sales go well.

  7. I have been collecting onion skins for years so I look forward to hearing how you do it.
    There are a few s flakes falling here, but I don't think we anticipate any accumulation. Fine by me!


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