Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Lititz Hens Update

Haven't worked on binding Star Geometric since the previous post.  After realizing it would be better with double strand yarn for better coverage have put it on hold.  Oh well, binding isn't my favorite thing to do anyway 😏.

Again, this is a design by Magdalena Briner Eby which I've named Lititz Hens.  It measures 19 1/2 x 40.
That right hen doesn't look that red in person and makes me second guess my choice of wool colors.  No way I'm pulling out that whole hen tho, so it stays as is.

Binding this one will go much easier since I sewed on a 3" cotton binding tape before hooking.  Knowing there would NOT be any change to the border makes this style of binding really easy.  This one might even get bound before Star.

Luckily this area did not get the snow which was predicted but did get a few rain drops.  However there is another front coming thru and we won't escape the frigid temperatures.  Thank gawd my heater didn't fail during this forecast.



  1. I love your chickens. Oh we got snow about 6 to 7 inches and now into the deep freeze you will find me hugging the woodstove

  2. Arctic air just arrived here... I have animals in the bsrn to care for, so must go outside.
    Hoping to hook tomorrow!

  3. Cold here but no additional snow, thank God. Below zero temperatures. Good time to stay inside.

  4. Hello there. First I have to say thank you for your kindness and comments while I was 'disconnected.' I'm not sure I will catch up but am at least back to being able to read and see posts 😊
    Next, I like these birds. As far as the red, I have a question. Is it possible to lightly brush it with a weak dye more the tone you desire then spritz with vinegar water to set? Or would it still bleed? I wouldn't want to pull it out either.

  5. I love that mat you are working on,,, the colors are spot on,,,
    Wow! Cant believe we have power still!
    We are in an igloo!
    Snowed and blowed all night,,,
    I would say at least 12 inches of snow on deck abd drifts!
    Not going anywhere!! Snowed in,,, for sure,,,
    And I know how snow blower guy that cleans our driveway ,, wont come while its still crazy blowing,,,,
    Gosh , it been at least 3 days if this,, today being the worse,,,,
    Take care,,, keep warm, hope u dont get this,,,,,

  6. these hens are incredibly antique looking, you have the knack...
    below zero temps overnight and single digits today...50 by Monday they say..yesterday was a hibernation day.


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