Monday, January 21, 2019


Previously only a portion of the left hen was shown on my blog.  This is the whole view of the rug in progress which measures 19 1/2 x 40.  Must admit I was shocked to see this photo from my camera.  
The hen to the right was a BROWN.  But it looks red in the photo so was quite shocked to see this picture.  Next time a photo is taken it will be without a flash. 

Will tell you the name of the rug next time with HOPEFULLY a much better photo.  



  1. Wonderful old looking rug I am anxious to see your background

  2. Definitely going to be a beautiful rug, love the simplicity with the hit or miss type background, can't wait to see how the background comes out.


  3. You are such a fast hooker. Thus us going to be another great one.

  4. What a fun mat!
    Love the colors of yr hens!
    Great fun background!
    Scrappy for sure!
    My favorites,,,
    My worms are out of hand,,, and dont get to my hooking room as much thus year!
    Extra chores and just easier to grab my knitting when I do sit down,,,
    Thats ok,,, I am enjoying a scrappy mat I just started for a certain area,,, perfect size linen was waiting ,,,
    Take care,,, hope u didnt get too much snow there!
    We were on the edge if storm and got most snow sunday,, but missed alot!
    Thats good!! Its sooo cold though,,, brrr,,,, too cold to even walk,,,
    Might be abit warmertoday and wed freezing rain,,, yikes,,,
    Another hospital appt for husband,, so knitting ready in my bag,,,,
    Take care, saundra!

  5. What cut are you hooking in?
    I love these roosters!
    Am also looking forward to seeing the background

  6. I am crazy about this rug! It has such a wonderful prim look.
    Stay warm,

  7. And before you know it, this one will be finished as well!!

  8. Hi Saundra,
    I also LOVE this rug!!!! Not normally a big fan of chickens and roosters but THIS ONE is WONDERFUL!!! This is a Magdalena design, yes?? Love the colors in this one, too!! Thanks for sharing another beauty!!!
    Stay safe and warm and eat LOTS of SOUP!!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

  9. Your rugs are so lovely. I'll try to fix my no-reply issue :D (I'm not very techy!!!)


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