Friday, January 18, 2019

Barbara E. Merry UPDATE

Recently a reader/follower asked me if I knew about Barbara Merry.  The answer was 'yes I have heard about her'.  What he told me which I didn't know, was that she was also a painter and she would sell him paintings right off her wall.  So here are a few rugs hooked by Barbara Merry.

Friend Cathy sent me a photo of a Barbara Merry rug she purchased a few years ago.  And what a lovely piece it is.  Thanks Cathy for sending me the photo.
Below could serve as the weather report for this weekend ~ a landscape and sleigh ride with the familiar initials hooked at the bottom.
I thought this rug was cute, it indicates a younger Barbara scrubbing the steps and an after with a few years gone by and with her husband on those same steps.
This rug says "Wedding Rug" at the bottom left.
A black cat, perhaps her favorite with all the hearts.
Maine Village with free range chickens.
Thought the rug below was quite interesting with the standing wool rainbow and border.
Saw this Home Sweet Home rug on Pinterest and gives credit to Barbara but I don't see her signature initials or last name.
This one with two kids on a seesaw is my very favorite rug by Barbara.
If anyone has pictures of other rugs or a complete view of the Home Sweet Home with initials I'd love for you to share.  You can send me the photo thru my "Contact" section on the right side bar.  

Happy Friday and hunker down for the cold and white stuff this weekend.  I'll be hooking inside and making a pot of chili.



  1. Love these rugs ! The top & bottom are my favs …..
    Stay warm & cozy this weekend ! I am hooking away !!!!

  2. Those are wonderful rugs and love her whimsey side.


  3. I made a pot of chili tonight but I am putting in a pot roast for Sunday our day of snow. We are in for 24 inches.
    Love her rugs I have never heard of him.

  4. In a much younger time and in a past life ~ {well, before I married my dearest Peter} I was married to a relative of Barbara Merry from Skowhegan, Maine ~ yes, she & I met ~ yes, she was my influence for becoming a hooker, and yes my last name used to be Merry! I always chuckle now at seeing her beautiful rugs show up hither and yond...she had much personality and put that spirit into her rugs as well.

  5. such wonderful rugs...I'll be studying these carefully! learn something new every day from that Lori Brechlin!

  6. Love these mats!
    Remember reading articles about barbara merry in old news and views magazine! Always was attracted to her mats,,,
    They are so quaint,,,
    Have a few mags still,,, may try over the weekend to see if I can find the article,,, would probably be bkack and white pics!
    take care in the storm,, wow,,,
    We are cold ,,, fridge weather,,, but not getting the blast of snow like siuth if us,,, at least hope not,,,
    Stay safe,,,
    Chili sounds great,,,

  7. Don’t these rugs sing? I like them all. Each is pretty special. Thanks for the show

  8. We are in the midst of our first real storm of the season and it is getting nasty. Thankfully the deep freeze will only last a couple of days.
    Thanks for the introduction to Barbara Merry. I had not heard of her. Great story from Lori!

  9. Hi Saundra,
    I recently came across something that mentioned Barbara Merry and now you have posted about her and Lori B. was related to her!! How amazing is all of that!!!
    Love her rugs and how they each tell a story! Hope you are staying warm in those frigid temps and Chili sounds perfect!!!
    Stay safe and warm, my friend~
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

  10. Sandy Woolen MemoriesFebruary 18, 2019 at 3:16 PM

    Thank you for posting these Saundra. I love Barbara Merry rugs. Love her style. You posted a couple I had not seen before. Sandy (Woolen Memories)

  11. I own the "Home Sweet Home" rug pictured above. Barbara Merry is a very dear friend of mine. She authenticated the rug a few years ago when she was visiting with me. She also wrote me a letter explaining that the rug was one of her first rugs and it shows some of the homes that she had lived in. Some of her very early rugs were unsigned. I do own a few others. Anyone that wants additional information can contact me at: Barbara also has 2 daughters that hook rugs.

  12. I am Barbara's oldest grand daughter and she is 97 years old and doing well. I have enjoyed reading all the wonderful comments about my incredibly talented grandmother. Sharon Clark


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