Sunday, January 13, 2019

Onion Skin Dyeing

Today is the day to get this task done.  It has been so long since dyeing with onion skins and was looking forward to the results.  Wanting to impress my readers 😀 thought it best to pull out my "Natural Dyeing" booklet by Marie Sugar and follow instructions.
It said to use 2 cups of onion skins ~ I mixed both yellow and red onion skins together.  I pressed the down but didn't push so hard it would crush the skins into bits.
The zipper mesh bag was purchased at the Dollar Tree.  There are 3 bags for only $1.
Decided to use these various pieces of bolt wool and parts of dismantled clothing.  There is approximately a yard there.
A picture of the color leaching from the skins before putting in the wool.
With the color almost all absorbed into the wool I wasn't impressed with the results and knew you wouldn't be either.  So pulled out the wool and added another 2 cups of skins into the same bag.
Back into the pot went the wool after the additional skins had leached their color.  Here is the before:
Here are the results.
None of those colors have a plan yet but sure will be more useful to me for antique or primitive rugs that the before wool.  Even in the past when I had disaster dye jobs have found particular pieces very handy.  



  1. I think it looks good you will find a good use for those I am sure.

  2. A fun demo,,,
    Sure did that years ago,,, just to dull my brights down,,,
    Now love the brights!
    Great , eady tutorial,, saundra!
    Hope ur snow wasnt too much!
    We have cold , cold temps,,, but stars out there this am and going to be sunny,,, but not warm!!

  3. we have the honor of having Nancy Z. Parcels living not too far from us, and the last class she taught here was on onion skin dyeing and tie dyeing ~ always a surprise what will come out of that dyepot!

  4. excellent toning down of the wool, my dye job resulted in a pink red, more for the re-dye basket...

  5. Wow …..those wools look so pretty toned down !!! Will have to remember this trick , I have lots of wool from my mother & a friend stashed away ….thank you Saundra !!!

  6. I agree, your wool looks warmer with more hooking possibilities. Yay!


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