Friday, February 15, 2019

Misc. Chit Chat

Yesterday was a balmy day and even did a little yard work.  Today was an even better day as the thermostat said 62 outside.  Hey, that is fantastic and could deal with that the rest of this winter.  

Let's celebrate with some old rugs.  Don't have a date but it sure does have all the essence of an antique.  Horses, birds, hit and miss border and geometric ~ what's not to like.  This photo was all I could get but it appears the hit and miss expands to the left and right side of the rug.
Didn't crop the photo below because it makes such a nice setting for the rug.  It is an 1840 sewn and shirred Compote of Flowers. 
Cats with hit and miss background.
Birds and baby birds in nest.  This is the front of the rug hooked by Cecile Perrault of Montreal QC Canada.
To get a look of the true colors here is a view of the back.
An early 19th century landscape measures 14 x 23.
An early 20th century folk art lion from Delaware, Ohio.
Also from Delaware, Ohio is the rug with 2 beavers facing off with a scroll border.  That is what I call a LIGHT background.
Haven't pulled many loops today so am going to get at it as I'd like to give you an update on Lititz Hens.  Am trying to do a little binding of the Star Geo on occasion but you know how I HATE binding.

OKAY... have a question but first a comment.  I love reading blogs vs. Facebook.  Problem is a lot of rug hookers have moved from blogging to that other place because blogging does take time.  I'd be lost without my readers, questions and comments from you.  

On my left sidebar are the blogs I love to read and follow.  I've dropped some in the past as many have abandoned ship ~ ~ or have they?

Now the QUESTION:  when do you think I should remove the link from my side bar?  Just recently someone posted after a 7 month lull (after my prodding).  Some haven't posted in a year.  When do you think I should dump the blog URL?

Something else...... if you know of a blog I don't have listed which is active I'd like to have it here for easy access to me and my readers.  So if you know of an active blog please notify me.  I'd LOVE to promote it.



  1. That compote of flowers is amazing! Janice

  2. I so enjoy your blog. Not much of a FB person. What about Kelly Belfast site.

  3. Love the birds in the nest rug, something different. I have a small list, but yes, some are not posting, so I should redo it someday. I still use the blogger reading list from Blogger, I have all my blogs there, so i can keep up that way.


  4. Love these sweet mats!
    Compote of flowers,,, soo pretty!
    And of course,,, cats ,,,,
    Or animals of any sort!
    Enjoy yr blogs u have listed and from ur site go on them!
    Follow a few knitting sites, too,,, and podcasts on utube!
    On facebook, as well,,,
    But try to limit myself ,,, or I would get nothing done,,,,
    Hard to say, how long to keep them on ur sidebar,,, maybe after a year!?
    Wow,, ur weather sounds amazing fir February!
    We had more snow yesterday, and blowy , did not venture out again,,,
    Today is suppose to be calmer,,, and hope to clean up abit,,,
    The farmer will be here this am, to clean our driveway,, so have to clean off car and truck,,, hate that job!
    Anyway, have a good weekend, saundra,
    Thanks for posting,,,,

  5. Lovely mats all of them specially the birds.
    Enjoy and follow your blog and the others you list.
    Follow some groups on FB sites but do enjoy the blogs.
    Perhaps after a year of a blogger not posting dropping them,
    Life tends to get in the way sometimes to keep up with all this.
    Thanks again for you posts...

  6. I love the old mats they always have something to teach us. I use your side blogs to make sure I haven't missed anything. Not sure when to get rid of them I think a year for sure. I am with you I am on facebook way to much but I prefer blogs.

  7. I agree - about a year seems a safe period of time. Thanks for the super rug show!

  8. some I've never seen...always a pleasure...since switching from desktop to laptop blogging is more time consuming for me...but I do like the connection with my readers! I generally leave blogs on my list and have them in order of the newest posts...

  9. My favorite rug is the one with the sail boat ….
    I am vey guilty when it comes to posting things on my blog …..all my pictures are on my phone & when I try to download them ….hundreds of them, all of them get downloaded & drives me crazy ! Then we have to go & delete each one over & over . I know I should just download one into my mail 7 save it from there & post it on my blog , but I am lazy . I prefer visiting blogs , but am on FB for the really nice special groups .
    You were lucky to have nice warm days & be outside to do yard work. Our yard looks like an ice skating rink !!!

  10. That shirred and sewn rug is amazing.
    I never delete blogs from the sidebar. Some haven't posted in years. Maybe one of these days...

  11. I'd say a year, at least. Rather than totally getting rid of them, what about a "inactive and missed" section? Blogs that remain inactive for a year are moved to this folder in my bookmarks (never did set up the "follow" thing). Occasionally I revisit them, sometimes I delete, sometimes I keep due to some wonderful tutorials and ideas they contain. And sometimes, oh happy day!, they've started posting again. As far as those going to FB - I'm not on FB, so unless they leave a clear path and keep it public, they're lost to me.


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