Sunday, February 17, 2019

Lititz Hens

An update, but wish it was further along.  As usual I did some reverse hooking and in a couple small spots more than once.  Sure can't move forward if I'm always walking backward.
The regular readers know this is an adaptation of a rug originall hooked in the 1800s by Magdalena Briner Eby  so this info is for you newbies just beginning to follow my blog.

Still don't have the geometric fully bound but I'm working on that too....uh, ever so slowly.

Happy Sunday.



  1. You are a perfectionist..and it shows. Hope you are staying warm and dry.

  2. I'd say you've come very far. I love love love what you're doing in the background!

  3. Looks like u have hooked alot to me!!
    Looks so great,,,
    Love that style,,,
    Have a good monday!
    Cold ,, brrr , this am ,, but no fresh snow to clean! Yippee,,,
    Take care,,,

  4. Your Magdalena rugs always turn out great! And this one is well on it ways too!


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