Thursday, February 28, 2019


It is usually a Friday before I remember that I forgot to post a 'throw back Thursday' photo.  But today I remembered, so welcome to my first throwback post.

This photo is departure day of we three Amigas at Rugs by the Sea 2011.  From left to right is me, Char, and Deb.  It was after that year our friend Char became a Snowbird and we missed her for a few years.  We will be together again this September and think it is time we have another photo taken of us.  

IF I remember, maybe I'll take that same tee shirt, Char always has a white oxford blouse and bet Deb has that or similar Life is Good tee shirt too.  Will be fun to see how we've changed.
Below is a photo of Linda & Norma (the two camp organizers), Bev (former teacher), and my friend Evelyn being her normal feisty self.
Here are a few rugs hooked by we three gals in the first photo; have only picked 2 from each of us.

These two rugs were hooked by friend Deb, Peace and Plenty (a Lori Brechlin design sold by Spruce Ridge.
And Hildefern sold by Woolley Fox.  Each of those fronds were hooked using antique paisley.
Char designed and hooked a huge Wedding Rug for her daughter which is even more beautiful in person.  Talk about a "Tree of Life"!!
Char also designed and did a life size proddy of a Bear for their cabin.  She used all the dark bad wool purchased when first starting to collect her wool stash.  She figured why throw the wool away when it could be put to good use in a proddy project ~ smart lady.  I still haven't made mine.  
That is food for thought for you newbies who are making the same mistake with thrift store wool we all made.

Most times I didn't take a photo of my rugs at camp but since I've a list of what I hooked when, here are two examples of what was taken to the show that year.

McCue Eagle, an adaptation of a Magdalena Briner Eby design.
E.S. Frost Sheep with Birds and Flowers.
I hooked more than two rugs that year but won't bore you with all of them, just a little sampling from we three gals.

Was fun to look back on this "throw back Thursday".



  1. Love the throwback photo Saundra....and I finally see a photo of you pretty lady! Looks like a fun camp/cruise. Although all those rugs are amazing, that tree of life one is gob-smacking! I’m a bit curious about the dates though??? If it’s a wedding gift, why 2 different dates? And, oh, I adore that sheep rug of yours. You are more prolific in a year that I will ever be in a lifetime! Robin

  2. Awesome picture of you and friends!!
    Very happy picture!
    Your at rug camp,,, of course , ur all happy,,,♡♥♡♥
    Great mats too,,,
    Love them all,
    Thanks fir sharing,,,
    You always come up with great posts!!
    Sunny day yesterday,,, and today! Whaat!! So nice , too,,,,
    Cold brrr temps,, but sooo nice to have sun,,,,
    Shows my dusty house!
    Had to clean up abit yesterday!
    Take care,,,,


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