Saturday, February 23, 2019

Rug Labels Made

I am several rugs behind in sewing labels on.  Unlike Lauren (Rugs and Pugs) who sews on a label immediately after the binding is done, I wait until there are enough rugs hooked to print out an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of labels.

Here are the ones I just printed out but haven't been sewn on yet.
The picture posted on each label is determined by different things.  When doing antique adaptations I like to post a photo of the original antique.  That is what I did with the top left label for Primitive Horse and Birds and a picture of the original antique.  

To the right of that is the Anniversary Sheep design which was a generous gift given us at Cape May, which was basic.  It was a challenge piece to inspire creativity.  On the label I wanted to show the basic design on the back and the result is the finished piece.

The label below that is one I named "Ben in the Garden".  But was a pattern by Pat Hornifus given me by a friend.  I'd lost my boy Ben and decided to change the Golden to a Rottweiler.  But printed the picture of her original rug design "Golden in the Garden" on my label as the original source.  

Since there are new readers/followers on my blog some of you may not have seen the previous tutorial on how I make rug labels.   So to not duplicate that process, if you click HERE you can read all about it.

Happy hooking or whatever creative mood you are in right now.



  1. Ha! You give me too much credit. I have MANY rugs dating back MANY years that do not have a label. One of my goals this year. Plus my labels are not cool like yours.

  2. Your labels are wonderful, saundra!
    I have sewn labels on my mats or a date as well,,, but not the fancy ones,,,
    Very organized,,,,
    Stay safe in the winds!!
    Yikes,,, today should be wild,,, hope for power and no damage,,,,
    hoping ur rain stops, too!
    Take care,
    Thanks for sharing yr process,,,


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