Wednesday, February 13, 2019

More Hearts

A candle mat design by Edyth O'Neill; not sure which year I  hooked that.
An olive wool purse with heart hooked and sold at a show; wish I still had it but could always hook another I guess...or maybe one with a star.  Love the olive wool.
Hearts and Flowers, a design in one of Kindred Spirits booklets.  The dark is a blue and burgundy plaid which I was hesitant to use but it looks great.  Think that was the first textured wool I ever used for hooking.
Antique adaptation I named Cat's Meow.
1909 Horse, an antique adaptation.  Photo taken with a flash and looks really washed out.
Horses and Hearts a design by Marion Hamm which was hooked 2018.
Happy Wednesday.



  1. So many wonderful heart rugs.
    I have that EON pattern on linen...along with many others. I may steal your color palette. Love it.

  2. Always love ur mats, saundra!
    Glad ur better!
    Thats not nice!
    Two days of snowy blowy stuff here, hope today is calmer,,,,
    Shovelling to do , though,,,
    Good we have a farmer come and do our driveway!
    Glad its almost middle of February, ,,, time for spring!
    Have a great day,,,,
    Think my favorite mat is the one with cats!!

  3. Happy Valentine's day you have hooked a lot of hearts

  4. Love your rugs !!! Happy Valentines Day !!!


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