Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Misc. Rug Hooking Chit Chat

The rug labels recently made I have begun attaching to the rugs.  Only two sewn on so far with 4 more to go.  Of those 1 is for the Lititz Hens which is still on my frame.

Have been pondering what to work on after Hens since it will be finished before April rug camp.  While organizing a pile of wool and hidden beneath was a small mat I'd long forgotten about.  Didn't think I had any UFOs but seems there is one.  Finishing that is planned as the next project, it is small so doable.....IF I stick with it.

It is called Paisley from Fraser rugs and purchased around 2006 while attending rug camp in Ocean City.  Eric Sandberg had an evening class and Paisley was the topic.  As it was small (9 x 25) thought I'd give narrow cut hooking a try.   Since that time decided I'm not fond of narrow hooking and decided to hook it in my own wide cut.  

Hooked what you see here and put it aside. Didn't have a color plan and wasn't sure what I'd do next so stopped.  Now is the time to finish or trash it.
This morning took a critical look at the pattern and what was hooked so far.  Would I continue with the red paisley and put different colors in the center or alternate the main paisley color one slanted row at a time?  Pulled a couple pieces of wool to see how it would look with alternating colors.
Hmmm, me thinks I'll go with the red paisley throughout and different colors in the center.  Will have a primitive black background and still haven't figured out the end borders yet.

Below are two hooked versions I've saved as inspiration.  The top one is hooked by my friend Lynne Fowler  ~ she can hook anything and with any cut.  I cannot read the name of the hooker of the second mat, both are beautiful.
As you can see in my version at the top, I have chosen to NOT have that jagged edge on my paisley.  Besides it would be difficult to achieve that look in a wide cut in such a limited space.

Have been perusing the internet and found more antique rugs.  One which makes my heart go pitter-patter and will one day be on my frame.  You will know which one that is when I next post antique rugs.

Happy hump day for your worker-bees, you're halfway thru the work week.



  1. Love that paisley you started!
    Dud a couple of paisley mats a few years ago,,, enjoyed them!
    Used up lots of bits from my wools,,, was fun,,,
    Going with the reds is great idea and the other mats are neat , too,,,,
    Snow agajn yesterday,,, mire than expected!
    Today ,,, can see stars and moon, so hoping for sunny day, for a change!!
    Happy hooking,,,,
    Thanks for sharing,,,

  2. What a fun rug! (But your definition of “small” is not the same as mine LOL...and it would be a few lifetimes before I would have an entire page of labels to print), I like both of your decisions (going with red throughout vs. changing each row) and no barbs on the end, Looking forward to seeing your progress. Robin


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