Sunday, February 3, 2019

Oldies but Goodies

Sure haven't put many steps on my Fitbit during this sub-freezing arctic air.  Instead I've been sitting on my butt hooking, or sitting in front of the computer listing items on eBay or perusing old rugs.  So it's time to share some oldies but goodies.

This one is definitely on my 'to hook' list as I already have the pattern.  It is an early Mennonite Farm scene from 1900s.   
A Bulldog hooked rug from Pine Bush, NY measures 21 x 34.
A Deer with neutral colored hit and miss border, and background I so love.
The below rug was purportedly hooked by H. Shull's mother to commemorate his birthday in Erwinna, PA.  Late 19th century measuring 23 1/2 X 43.
Early 20th century lion measuring 30 x 46..
A more colorful rug is this monochromatic floral.  I've never hooked a rug with a red background before and would like to do that sometime.
A Rooster circa 1920 from Williamsburg, VA, wool on burlap measuring 22 x 32.
An oval cat and dog rug.
Just checked the outside temperature and it is a whopping 37* Fahrenheit.  So think I'll walk the half mile down to get my mail (which I didn't get yesterday) and the half mile back.  Gotta get off this butt!!!



  1. The farm scene and basket w/ red background are my favs, but they are all beautiful!

  2. I like the first one that you'll be hooking. I'm difficult to motivate to go outside when it's cold out. Keep warm.

  3. Love that farm scene ,,, and the pot of flowers with reds! Oh my,,, they are all unique,,,
    Warmer here , too,,, rain yesterday has made everything ice again!
    Which scares me,,,,
    The highways shoukd be ok,, but our sideroad not so much,,,, yikes!
    Have to drive my husband to an appt this afternoon,,,
    Hoping for sanders to be out and gravel the roads,,,
    I have sat alot, too,,,,
    Thanks for sharing these wonderful mats,,,


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