Friday, February 22, 2019


Gee, I can remember seeing a magazine by that name on the rack when a teen.  Never purchased or read one....wonder if it still exists?  But this isn't about a magazine, it is about my finally bound rug "Star Geometric".

As a reminder, I posted a photo on hating to bind as to how I would bind this rug.  Click that link above for a review.

Here is the front of the finally bound Star Geo.
Below is the back of the rug.  After whipping the bottom edge (which only shows under the rug) I was bored silly and changed horses mid stream.  Decided it would get bound a lot faster if I just did the very outer edge of the cotton rug tape and edge of foundation with the wool yarn.  

Yes two different styles of binding but I'm not entering a contest or qualifying for a magazine (unless it was True Confessions), and the rug will live with me.
This is a photo of the original antique from which this was adapted.  I drew my pattern to measure 29 x 32.5.
Enjoy your weekend.



  1. Happy to hear it is done. Now you can hook away on Lititz Hens.

  2. wonderful rug. My older aunt would buy those and I would steal them every change I got lol not good reading for a kid but tame for today's standards

  3. I actually like the rug tape on rugs that are being used. You don't see it and it seems to add a little more durability to the "outskirts" which is where they wear out the fastest. Of course I'm probably hard on rugs.

  4. It looks amazing, saundra!
    All the fun colors u used! Wow,,, finally done!
    Congratulations! ,
    THATS the hard part for me,,,, find it boring as well,,,
    Good for you to speed things up,,,
    More yuccy weather coming,, (we have had a fairly calm week,,,,) no snow shovelling, but ice , which is worse!
    More snow, mixed with ice coming in tonite into tomorrow!
    Maybe ur getting some of this , too,,,
    Seems to be a big area!
    High winds,,,, thats scarey ,,, may lose power,,,,
    So will be prepared for sunday,,,
    Have a great day
    Thanks for sharing,,,

  5. In years to come, someone will wonder just why you bound it like that and come up with a long list of reasons!


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